Number & Letter Puzzle for Kids

A enjoyable and autonomous method of learning is through puzzles. Young children are fascinated to the shape and form of letters and numbers when they first discover them. Retention is aided by being able to trace or manipulate a letter or number with your finger. There are two types of alphabet and number puzzles. A template base comes first, followed by individual characters that can be die-cut and matched to the template.

All ages of gamers will enjoy solving number problems. Having to utilise logical and/or numerical reasoning to obtain the solution makes them enjoyable, hard, and keeps the mind active. They are frequently used by parents and educators as an enjoyable educational tool, for instance, to support children’s cognitive development. The availability of several varieties of number puzzles also adds to their appeal.

There are puzzles for everyone, including those who dislike math or have problems managing and understanding digits. All sorts of number games by definition involve the use of numbers, but what makes them stand out is the requirement that players comprehend and adhere to a set of predetermined rules in order to win.

Now let us see this with an example:-

Number & Letter Puzzle for Kids

In this example if we Observe we find that this numbers are in square series That is square of 1 is 1, square of 2 is 4, square of 3 is 9 , square of 4 is 16, square of 25 is 5, so next will be 36 that is square of 6. Answer is 36.

Number & Letter Puzzle for Kids Pyramid Question

In this pyramid shape example we will go from the bottom to top.

Here bottom numbers are in sequence that is 5, 6, 7, 8.

The numbers  we see in the upper  row of bottom are 11,13,15.

If  we notice we will get number 11 by adding bottom number 5+6=11 ,get  13 by adding bottom number 6+7=13, get  15 by adding bottom number 7+8=15,

Same way if we add 11+13= 24, 13+13= 28.

So top number will be 24+28=52

10 3 14
  49 15 68
33 19 ?

Here in this box of puzzle all numbers are very different.

Now here we have to find out some sequence.

In this box umber of top line is 10, 3,14.

Here if we do subtraction tht is 10-3=7 and than   7 x 2 = 14

Same way in second line 49-15=34 and than 34 x 2 =68

So follow this sequence 33-19=14 and than 14 x 2 = 28

Answer is 28.

Number & Letter Puzzle for Kids Star solve

In this puzzle if we remove the first digit we will get cube of that number .that is cube of 1 is 1 ,cube of 2 is 8 , cube of 3 is 27 , and the cube of 4 is 64

So answer is 64.

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