Terrestrial habitat

Terrestrial habitat can be defined as the place which is man made like town, farms, cities, forest, grass, on mountain, in desert. The organisms which live on land are called terrestrial organisms and their place called terrestrial habitat.

Diagram of classification of habitat

These terrestrial habitat is divided into 4 types as given in diagram :

1.] Desert habitat

2.] Mountain habitat

3.] Grassland habitat

4.] Forest habitat

Let’s discuss these types in detail in table form.

Desert habitat

Mountain habitat Grassland habitat

Forest habitat

Desert is the place where rainfall, water is too much less.

A land is rising above the base called mountain habitat The land is filled with grasses and small plants called grassland habitat. A place where there is a lot collection of trees and animals living called forest habitat.
Shortage of water A very high hills Greenland is present

Variety of trees are present.

Too much heat

On the top height and less oxygen Have less rain as compared to forest Rain, air and food all are present in normal amount.
Camel, cactus plant Yak, mountain goat Rabbit

Lion, deer

Question and answers :

1.) What is terrestrial habitat ?

Answer :- A place where living thing lives on land.

2.) Enlist the types of terrestrial habitat ?

Answer :-Desert, mountain, grassland and forest habitat.

3.) What is desert habitat ?

Answer :-A habitat where water and rain is too much less and temperature is more.

4.) What is mountain habitat ?

Answer :- A land rising from the base that is hill area called mountain habitat.

5.) What is grassland ?

Answer :- A space where grass and small plants are present, but not too rainfall to form forest.

6.) What is forest habitat ?

Answer :- A condition suitable for animals and large trees, where lot of water, air and food is present.

7.) What are examples of living things in terrestrial habitat ?

Answer :- Animals, humans.

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