Adaptation can be defined as, the process of changing themselves or adapted to adjust for suitable environment or habitat. As we know there are various types of plants and animals, but the environment of earth changes very fastly, so as per environment the animals and plants have to change themselves.

Lets take a very interesting example for adaptation: Fish and camel.

We all know that fish lives in water, but within water there are various living things are present and this living things or organisms present in water find their food for survival, that means as per food demand larger fishes eat small fishes so under such condition this fishes changes or adapt their body for protection. The body of the fish is slippery that helps to escape them from bigger fishes, one more interesting fact is water have less oxygen, so as fishes are living organisms they also breath and needs oxygen so they get enough oxygen through the gills present on their body.

Fish diagram

The next very common example is camel, camel can live in desert. The desert is very hot condition, where there is no water, no rainfall. But still except other animals camel can live in desert. So it’s a common question that

How camel can survive under such hot condition ?

The answer is as simple of that, the camel have long legs to avoid high temperature, so in such hot condition also camel can walk. Secondly, they are adapted to less water situation as they can store water in stomach and can use it when they need. Therefore they live in such area where there is no water, so they excrete less urine and do not sweat, by this reason camel can live in desert up to days without drinking water.

One of the most popular animals we all know that is frog

Frog don’t have ability to change themselves according to environment, so during summer they hide themselves underground and come outside during monsoon.

Question and answers :

1.) What is adaptation ?

Answer :-The process of changing themselves or adapted to adjust for suitable environment or habitat.

2.) Can you give example of adapted animal to habitat ?

Answer :- Yes, fish and camel

3.) How fish protect themselves in water ?

Answer :- They have slippery body, so they can protect themselves.

4.) How fishes takes oxygen ?

Answer :- They breath or take oxygen by gills.

5) What is adapted character of camel ?

Answer :- Legs and water storage.

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