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De Broglie’s relation MCQs with Answers

De Broglie’s relation MCQs According to de Broglie’s hypothesis, moving has electrons with momentum P associated to wavelength can be given as, ∴ λ = h/p Where, h is Planck’s constant, P is momentum of electron. If an electron of mass m is accelerated by a potential difference V, the work has done on electron […]

Diamagnetic Substance MCQs with Answers

Diamagnetic Substance MCQs On the basis of behaviour shown by substance towards the magnetic field, it is divided into three categories viz. Paramagnetic, Diamagnetic and Ferromagnetic Substance which gets weakly repelled by magnetic field is known as diamagnetic substance and the property shown by the substance is known as diamagnetism. In diamagnetic substance, magnetic dipole […]

Critical Temperature MCQs with Answers

We know that when temperature of metallic conductor increases, its resistance increases due to increase in inter atomic vibrations of electrons with cores of neighbouring atom. The formula for resistance of conductor when due to rise in temperature (T0C) is given as, Rt = Ro (1 – αT) Where, α = temperature coefficient of resistance, […]

Conductors MCQs with Answers

Conductors MCQs We know that every material is made up of atoms, in which electrons are rotating in different orbit. Electrons are responsible for carrying current in material. Every metal consists of one or more than one loosely bounded electron in its last orbit which are available for conduction. The materials in which loosely bounded […]

Conduction Band MCQs with Answers

Conduction Band MCQs We know that the electrons in an atom are present in different energy level. For stability of structure the electrons has to split in different levels, these levels are termed as Energy Bands. There are two types of energy bands 1) Conduction band 2) Valance band Valence Band: Energy levels of valence […]

Conductance MCQs with Answers

Conductance MCQs According to Ohm’s law, the potential difference across ends of conductor is directly proportional to the current through the it if its physical conditions are same. Then we can write, V α I → V = IR Here ‘R’ is constant known as resistance. The reciprocal of resistance is known as Conductance. Hence […]

Compressional stress MCQs with Answers

Compressional stress MCQs The stress which acts exactly opposite to tensile stress is known as compressional stress. As we know that the tensile stress in measured of extension of dimensions outwards of its area, whereas the in compressional stress there is shrinking of dimensions inwards of its area. The force acting per unit area is […]

Choke MCQs with Answers

Choke MCQs A choke coil is a used in electrical circuits to allow DC current to flow through and blocks AC currents.The choke coil works similar to that of an inductor. When current passing through choke changes, magnetic field is created by electromagnetic induction which again opposes the current.This ability of coil is known as self […]

Characteristics X-ray MCQs with Answers

Characteristics X-ray MCQs The variation of wavelength and intensity of X ray emitted from Coolidge tube is studied and the graph of wavelength vs. intensity of X ray is plotted. The nature of the graph shows the variation of intensity for different wavelength of X – rays in Coolidge tube. Following are the conclusions drawn […]

Capacitor MCQs with Answers

Capacitor MCQs It’s highly risky to handle high charges at given potential. It can cause damage to give n instrument also, so to avoid this system of charge used is known as capacitor. Capacitor or Condenser is an arrangement in which capacity of conductor is increased without increase in its potential. There are three used […]