Conductors MCQs with Answers

Conductors MCQs

We know that every material is made up of atoms, in which electrons are rotating in different orbit. Electrons are responsible for carrying current in material. Every metal consists of one or more than one loosely bounded electron in its last orbit which are available for conduction. The materials in which loosely bounded electrons are present are known as conductors. Conductors are those materials, like silver, copper and graphite that allows electrical current to pass through them.

The conduction band in conductors is almost overlapped on valance band, so that the forbidden energy gap is zero, which allows electrons from valance band to jump in to conduction band and contributes the flow of current.

Resistivity of conductors is very low, so as to have good conductivity. The conductivity of metals like copper is about 59×106 Siemen/meter.

Conductors obeys Ohm’s law, which stated as the potential difference across ends of conductors is directly proportional to electric current flowing through it given that the physical conditions are constant.

Q.1) The conduction band for conductors is…..

a) Completely filled

b) Completely empty

c) Partially filled.

d) None of these.

Q.2)Which among the following consists of free electrons?

a) metals

b) non metals

c) metalloids

d) all of these

Q.3) Which among the following has highest conductivity?

a) Copper

b) Aluminium

c) Silver

d) Cadmium

Q.4) Conduction band and valance band are almost overlapped in….

a) conductors

b) insulators

c) semiconductors

d) all of these

Q.5) The materials which obeys Ohm’s law are known as

a) Ohmic conductors

b) Ohmicinsulators

c) Ohmicsemiconductors

d) all of these

Q.6) For conductors the graph of potential difference verses electric current is….

a) exponentially decreasingcurve

b) exponentially increasing curve

c) straight line passing through origin

d) none of these

Q.7) The tendency of conductors to oppose the flow of current is known as….

a) conductance

b) resistance

c) capacitance

d) inductance

Q.8) Conductance of conductor having resistance of 5000 ohm is…

a) 2×10-3 Siemen

b)2×10-4 Siemen

c) 2×103 Siemen

d) 2×104 Siemen



Q.1) a) Completely filled

Q.2) a) metals

Q.3) c) Silver

Q.4) a) conductors

Q.5) a) Ohmic conductors

Q.6) c) straight line passing through origin

Q.7) b) resistance

Q.8) b) 2×10-4 Siemen

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