Compressional stress MCQs with Answers

Compressional stress MCQs

The stress which acts exactly opposite to tensile stress is known as compressional stress. As we know that the tensile stress in measured of extension of dimensions outwards of its area, whereas the in compressional stress there is shrinking of dimensions inwards of its area. The force acting per unit area is known as stress.

The SI unit is N/m2.

The compression on upper face of the thick metal bar is an example of Compressional stress. Bridges are constructed with the support type or suspension type are studied on account of this stress.

The sag or buckling are common impacts of compressional stress. The sag or buckling of compression produced in bar is given by,

1) Sag(δ) is inversely proportional to b,d3,Y.

2) Sag (δ) is inversely proportional to W,l3

Q.1) The direction of Compressional stress is…………in to given surface area

a) tangential

b) outward

c) inward

d) none of these

Q.2) Which among the following can be unit for Compressional stress?

a) N/m

b) N/m2

c) N/cm2

d) N-m2

Q.3) The beam supported at the ends has…………at top and………… at bottom.

a) compression,tension

b) tension,compression

c) stress,strain

d) strain,stress

Q.4) What will be compressional stress if force of 5×103 N applied on the bar of surface area 10 cm2?

Q.5) The sag due to own compression is

a) inversely proportional to Y

b) directly proportional to Y

c) directly proportional to W

d) all of these



Q.1) c) inward

Q.2) b) N/m2

Q.3) a) N/cm2

Q.4) c) 5× 105  N⁄m2

Q.5) a) inversely proportional to

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