Diamagnetic Substance MCQs with Answers

Diamagnetic Substance MCQs

On the basis of behaviour shown by substance towards the magnetic field, it is divided into three categories viz. Paramagnetic, Diamagnetic and Ferromagnetic

Substance which gets weakly repelled by magnetic field is known as diamagnetic substance and the property shown by the substance is known as diamagnetism. In diamagnetic substance, magnetic dipole moments of all the electrons in atom cancel each other; the resulting magnetic moment of the atom is zero.

When the diamagnetic materials are kept in an external magnetic field, the electrons whose orbital magnetic moments are in the same directions as that of the external magnetic field slows down and the electrons whose orbital magnetic moments are in the opposite direction to that of the external magnetic field speeds up.  This developing magnetic moment in the direction opposite to that of applied external magnetic field.  As a result, the diamagnetic substance is repelled by the applied field.

E.g. Silver, lead, silicon, nitrogen, sodium chloride, bismuth, copper, antimony, gold, mercury etc.

Q.1) Susceptibility of diamagnetic substance is……

a) small and positive.

b) small and negative.

c) large and positive.

d) large and negative.

Q.2) Which among the following are considered as most exotic/perfect diamagnetic substance?

a) thermistors

b) inductors

c) resistors

d) superconductors

Q.3) Diamagnetic rod suspended in two poles of horse shoe magnet, its align……….to direction of magnetic field.

a) perpendicular

b) parallel

c) either ‘a’ or ‘b’

d) neither ‘a’ nor ‘b’

Q.4) If magnetic field is applied to diamagnetic liquid in one arm of U-tube, the liquid level in that arm……………..

a) increases


c) remains same

d) none of these

Q.5) The diamagnetism of substance………………with temperature.

a) increases

b) decreases

c) remains unchanged

d) none of these

Q.6) Select the statement which is ‘not correct’ in case of change in temperature of metal.

a) Diamagnetic substance loses their magnetism on removal of external magnetic field.

b) When placed in non uniform magnetic field they tend to move from weaker part of field to stronger part.

c) diamagnetic substance has negative value of susceptibility.

d) All above statements are not correct for diamagnetism.

Q.7) Property of perfect diamagnetism in superconductors is termed as…….

a) Thomson effect

b) Kelvin effect

c) Compton effect

d) Meissner effect

Q.8) Which among the following is diamagnetic substance?

a) silver

b) gold

c) mercury

d) all of above



Q.1) b) small and negative.

Q.2) d) superconductors

Q.3) a) perpendicular

Q.4) b) decreases

Q.5) c) remains unchanged

Q.6) b) When placed in non uniform magnetic field they tend to move from weaker part of field to stronger part.

Q.7) d) Meissner effect

Q.8) d) all of above

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