Maharashtra Board Class 6 Civics Chapter 1 Our Life in Society Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 6 Civics Solution Chapter 1 – Our Life in Society

Balbharati Maharashtra Board Class 6 Civics Solution Chapter 1: Our Life in Society. Marathi or English Medium Students of Class 6 get here Our Life in Society full Exercise Solution.

Std Maharashtra Class 6
Subject History and Civics Solution
Chapter Our Life in Society

(1) Man felt the need for ______ for the day to day affairs of society to run smoothly.

Ans: – rules

(2) _____ helps the development of people’s talents.

Ans: – Society

(3) We all have some emotional and some ………… needs, too.

Ans: – Psychological

(2) (1) Which are our basic needs?

Ans: – Food, Clothes, shelter, educational and health’s are our basic needs.

(2) Whose company do we like?

Ans: – We all basically like to live with one another, in each other’s company and with people around us.

(3) What opportunities does society provide us with?

Ans: – Living in a society help with the smooth functioning of day – to – day matters. It gave rise to convention, tradition, ethics, values, rules and laws.

(3) (1) How is a society formed ?

Ans.  A society is formed when people come together to achieve certain common adjectives.

(2) Why is it necessary to set up a permanent system in society?

Ans. A permanent system is essential for the continued existence of the society.

(3) What makes life in society more stable and organized?

Ans. Rules and regulations in society makes it more stable and organised.

(4) If there were no social institutions, what difficulties would we have faced ?

Ans. If there were no social institutions then we would have a stable and secure community life, Social injustice would increase and wrong doings would be overlooked.


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Answer the following question:


1.) What is society? What is the need or importance of society? (2+3=5)

Ans: A society means when people come together to achieve certain common objectives. Society includes all people: men,women,grown ups,old people, young children. Our families are a part of the society. Society also includes different groups, institutions and organizations. The inter-relationships and interactions between the people,their dependence on one another and sharing also form a part of society.

∆ Need /importance of society:

A stable and secure community life is necessary for the development of the society. In the nomadic stage, man did not have this stability and security. When man realised that living in a group provides the sense of security, people come together to develop an organized way of life.

  • Food, clothes, shelter, education and health are all the basic physical needs one can get through society. A person also has some emotional and psychological needs which are also fulfilled through society.
  • Being a part of society one can get a feeling of security, appreciation, praise and support etc.
  • Education and health related services and facilities are available in a society.
  • A variety of industries and occupations made to fulfill one’s needs. For example: we need books for studying and paper for books. That’s why occupations like manufacturing paper, printing, book binding etc. also developed. Thus, a variety of occupations in society help us in fulfilling our needs .

In order to fulfill needs like food, clothing, shelter and security, the society has to create a permanent system. Without such a system the day to day affairs of the society cannot be carried on.


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