Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 6 Alert Rabbit Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 6 Solution – Alert Rabbit. Here in this post we provides Class 5 English Alert Rabbit Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class V Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 5 English Chapter 6 Alert Rabbit Solution:


I.) Complete the following sentences with the appropriate words from the brackets.

1) Rabbit was ____lazy________ (lazy/alert) in the beginning.

2) Butterfly forgot her __valuables________ (valuables/bag).

3) Headman Ant told the animals to stay ____calm________ (happy/calm).

4) Rats prepared the __survival__________ (air/survival) bag.

5)  Mother Goat made evacuation route ___map___________ (graph/map) of the village.

6) Rabbit was named as Alert Rabbit in the ____end______ (beginning/end) .

II.) Answer the following questions.

1) Write the name of the country and the village in which this story takes place.

Ans: – The story takes place in a village called ‘Baan Talae Nok’ of Thailand country.

2) Why did all the animals start running?

Ans: – All the animal start running as they were in panic of Tsunami which was telecast on radio.

3) What are three things to be kept in mind in case of a disaster?

Ans: – The things which we should do are

  • Always follow disaster warning news very carefully.
  • Keep your valuables in a safe place.
  • Prepare your survival bag and keep it in a place where it’s easy to take.

4) Why was the Rabbit called ‘Alert Rabbit’?

Ans: – As again the Rabbit alert every one of the real Tsunami news telecast in radio from then he known as Alert Rabbit.


II.) Pick out the names of important things from the box that may be used to survive during disaster and write their names in the space provided.

torch; medicine;  box;  spoon ; toothpaste;  colours;

radio; comb; milk ; biscuits;  knife;

towel; clothes;  family;  photo;  mobile;  books;

water bottle ; football ; money;  soap;  cold;  drink;

Ans: –  The names of important things are- torch, medicine, biscuit, knife, clothes, family, water bottle.

III.) Identify natural and the man-made disasters given below and write them in the appropriate columns.

Flood; fire;pollution;cloudburst;drought;

Gasleakage;tsunami;landslide; earthquake;

Ans: –

Natural disasters: – Flood, cloudburst, drought, tsunami, landslide, earthquake

Man-made disasters: – Fire, gas leakage.

IV.) Look up a dictionary to find the meanings of the following words. Now use them in your own sentences. One has been done for you.

Ans: –

Word Meaning Sentence
Curious Eager to know I am very curious to know about the

local culture of my village.

Ordinary Least valuable This styles is ordinary now a days.
Hygiene Makes properly clean This place is looks like hygiene.
Cooperative Helpful They are very cooperative for the time of help.
watchful Which is seen This program is watchful in TV with parents.
Prepare Make They have prepared delicious food for the guest.


Underline the actual words/direct speech in the following sentences.

1) Mukesh said to his mother, “I am not feeling well.”

Ans: – Mukesh said to his mother, “I am not feeling well.”

  • Jasbir said to me, “The train was late.”

Ans: – Jasbir said to me, “The train was late.”

3) “I do not like sweets,” said Rekha.

Ans: – “I do not like sweets,” said Rekha.

4) The postman said, “I am going to deliver the letters.”

Ans: – The postman said, “I am going to deliver the letters.”

5) Shanti said, “Rani is my friend.”

Ans: – Shanti said, “Rani is my friend.”


I) You are Siddharth, monitor of class V. Your school is raising funds for flood victims in U.P. and Bihar. Fill in the blanks to complete the notice for your school notice board requesting students to contribute Rs 10/- each for the flood victims.


_____Government public ____________ School


Date: ___11/5/22________

The school is ____raising fund_____________ for the ___flood victims_______________ in Bihar and U.P.

We have decided to collect ______10 rupees____________ from each student. Please bring __10 rupees_____________ by _______15/5/22_________ and deposit it with your monitor.


Class V, Monitor


II.)  After a recent earthquake some people who became homeless have put up tents in your surroundings. Write in your own words how you would help them to make them feel comfortable.

Ans: –

I shall take a necessary and helpful steps by that the victim must be get some help. I will arrange all my friend and tell them to collect the necessary things which they can donate and also raising fund for buying the important medicine for the victims.

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