Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 11 The Three Cries Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 11 Solution – The Three Cries. Here in this post we provides Class 5 English The Three Cries Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class V Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 5 English Chapter 11 The Three Cries Solution:


I) Answer the following questions.

1) What did the old woman get one day?

Ans: – The old man get a letter from her son.

2) To whom did the old woman give the letter to read?

Ans: – The old woman give the letter to read to the warrior.

3) Why was the old woman shocked?

Ans: – As everyone was crying the old woman was shocked.

4) Who came after the warrior?

Ans: – A pedlar came after the warrior.

5) What thing did the pedlar use to sell?

Ans: – The pedlar use to sell pots.

6) Why was the warrior ashamed of himself?

Ans: – The warrior was ashamed because he couldn’t not able to read.

II.) Read the following statements. Write T for true and F for false in the boxes.

1) The old woman got a letter from her son.(T)

2) The warrior read the letter.(F)

3) The pedlar started to laugh. (F)

4) The pedlar set out to sell earthen pots.(T)

5) The warrior was illiterate.(T)


I) Fill in the blanks choosing the words given in the box.

Instead of; always;sure;grateful;

makes up; amused; shocked;

1)  Rohan ____always______________ gets up early in the morning.

2) No one takes interest in him as he always __makes up ________________ fake stories.

3) I am ____grateful______________ to you for your kind favour.

4) They spend all their time playing ____instead of ______________ studying.

5)  He was ____sure______________ of his success.

6) Children were _____shocked_____________ by the magic tricks.

7) I was _____amused_____________ at his poor performance.


III.) Sad is the opposite of happy.

Write the opposites of the following words.

old __New___________

enemy ___Friend__________

a few ___many__________

active ___inactive_________

hate ____love_________

agree _____disagree________

previous __new___________

idle _____________

IV.) Complete the following sentences using the opposites of the underlined words.

1)  He _____buy________ vegetables from farmers at cheaper rates and sells them in the market at higher rates.

2) Ali Baba was poor but he became __rich___________ after he found the magic cave.

3) Rinki is alwayslate for school but __never___________ late for meals.

4) In this house all the bedrooms are downstairs and the drawing and dining rooms are ____up strain_________.

5) In spring, the days are often warm but the nights can be ___cold_________.


I.) The old woman could not read the letter. There are many things that you can do and many things you cannot do. Write in the appropriate columns the things that you can do or cannot do. Choose the activities from the help box.

read English newspaper; write a message;

draw a picture;  make a paper doll;

make a poster;  speak English;

solve puzzles; sing a song;

Things you can do Things you cannot do
I can I cannot

Do yourself.

I) In the story ‘The Three Cries’ the old woman, the warrior and the pedlar couldn’t read the letter. It led to a funny situation. Think about any other situation which may occur due to illiteracy of a person. Write it in the space provided.

Ans: –

If we think about this situation when our results of final exams come out and someone crying in front of parents. After that everyone realize their mistake and the situation then is extreme.

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