Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 14 Hot Air Balloons Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 14 Solution – Hot Air Balloons. Here in this post we provides Class 5 English Hot Air Balloons Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class V Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 5 English Chapter 14 Hot Air Balloons Solution:


I.) Write T for True and F for False statements in the given boxes.

1) Adventure sports are not dangerous.(F)

2) A special training is needed for adventure sports.(T)

3) Balloons are filled with hot air or a light gas.(T)

4) We do not have a balloon race in our country.(F)

5)  Baskets are also called ‘gondolas.’(T)

6) Ballooning is not an aero sport.(F)

  1. Answer the following questions.

1) What are adventure sports? Why are they called so?

Ans: – The adventure sports are trekking, rock-climbing and river-rafting.

Because these sports are hard, dangerous and exciting activities.

2) What is a hang-glider?

Ans: – The aircraft which doesn’t have machine is known as hang glider.

3) What makes the balloons go up in the air?

Ans: – The air in the balloons like hydrogen and helium makes up in the air.

4) Who was the first man to go up in a balloon?

Ans: – Two brothers named Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier was the first to go up in a balloon.

5) Can we fill the balloon with Hydrogen gas? Why/ why not? Give a reason for your answer.

Ans: – Yes, the balloon can be filled with hydrogen gas as this is a light gas. But it has a chance to catch fire.


II.)Now use the following pairs of words in your own sentences, as in the example given.

1) one: – This is one of the best things in the world.

Won: – They won the match.

2) Ours:- This football is belongs to ours club.

hours: – I have been waiting for half an hour.

3) waist: –  Sun set in the waist.

waste: – Don’t waste your time.

4) Fair : – I have go to a fair.

fare : – The fare for the bus ride is 15Rs.

5) two :I have two bat.

too :- This medicine also useful you too.

6) know : – I know him very well.

no : – There is no sign of fighting.

7) whole : – Whole class laugh at me.

hole : – There is a deep hole besides the field.

8) right : –  This conduct is not right.

write : – Write a letter to the class teacher.

II.) Here are some nouns and adjectives that describe the city and village life. Separate and write them in the relevant boxes.

Modern; large; small; interesting;

Exciting; beautiful; ugly; boring;

Cheap; polluted; elevators; expensive;

quiet;farm houses;  skyscrapers;  noisy;

calm; huts; bullock carts ; crowded;

busy; relaxed; clean ; dairies;

malls; wells ; ponds ; metro rail;

flyovers; subways;

Ans: –

Village life City life
Large, Modern, small, interesting
Ugly, boring Exciting
cheap Beautiful
Quiet, farm house Polluted, elevator, expensive
Calm, huts, Bullock cart Skyscraper, noisy, crowded
Relax , clean, Busy, dairies
Well, pond, Malls, metro rail, flyover, subway


II.) Read the answers given below. Frame questions focusing on the underlined words in the answers. One has been done for you.

Q.1) what did Rani buy yesterday?

Ans: Rani bought a new bicycle yesterday.

Q.2)what does Miss Sunita teaches you?

Ans: Miss Sunita teaches us English.

Q.3) When your uncle came?

Ans: My uncle came to India last month.

Q.4) Who is Leena?

Ans: She is my friend Leena

Q.5)  What does the grandmother is telling?

Ans. The grandmother is telling a story.

Q.6) Where are they?

Ans: They are in the football ground.

Q.7)  What you are doing?

Ans: I am doing my homework.

Q.8) What did you ate yesterday?

Ans: We ate rajmah-rice yesterday.

III.) Fill in the blanks with words given in the box.

but; and; or;

1) The air is fresh ___and____ cool.

2) My friend is poor _____but__ intelligent.

3)  Follow the traffic rules ___or____ you will be fined.

4) You ___or____ your brother has stolen my pen.

5) Balloons are red __and_____ yellow.

6) Elevators move up ___and____ down.

7) I want to buy some toys __but_____ I have no money.

8) He is rich ____but___ miser.

IV.) Pick out nouns and verbs from the paragraph given below and put them in the appropriate columns.

My grandmother and I were great friends. Every morning she got up at 6 a.m. She had her bath and went to the temple situated in our street. After her prayers, she came back home. She fed the sparrows on the top floor of our house. The sparrows gathered in large number every day.

Ans: –

Verb Noun
Got up Grandmother
went Friends
Prayers Temple
Came back sparrows


I.) Write in 2-3 sentences about each of the following adventure sports. Use the guidelines and hints given below with each sport.

  • Where it is done.
  • Equipment’s or things that are used with it.
  • How it is done.

1) Skiing (skiis, ski boards, worn on feet, ski poles in

hand, helmets, snow boots, slopes of snow covered


Ans: –

Skiing is performed in the snowy are in the mountains range. The equipment is ski boards, worn, ski poles, helmet, and snow boots. It done by our hand we tray to running binding our feet to ski board then its sleeps on snow.

2)  River rafting (choppy water rivers, paddles, oars,

life jackets, inflatable rafts, can carry six people)

Ans: –

River rafting is performed on the mountains river. The equipment needed paddles, oars, life jacket, inflatable rafts etc. Maximum six people wearing life jacket boarded on a boat which fill up with air and each one having paddles in hand then go through the choppy water rivers.

3)  Mountaineering (high mountains, steep rocks,

helmets, backpacks, ropes, waterproof tents,

pulleys, compass, wind cheaters, special snow

clothes and boots, ice axes, harnesses)

Ans: –

If we want to do mountaineering then we must go to mountain area. We need some equipment for this like steep rocks, helmets, backpacks, ropes, waterproof tents, pulley, compass, wind cheaters, special snow cloths and boots, ice axes, harnesses. For performing this we must ride on the mountains after wearing the boots, jacket etc and then walk on the hilly snowy mountain.

4) Sky diving (jump from sky, a moving aeroplane,

formations in the air, parachute, helmet, harness,

other protective gear)

Ans: –

For sky diving there is needed a wide open place for taking off. The equipment needed for this activity is a moving aeroplane, parachute, helmet harness etc. Wearing helmet, protective gear, taking parachute we jumps from a high place and with the helps of wind we do it.

5) Hang gliding (flying like a bird in the sky, hang

glider, helmet)

Ans: –

For hang gliding we chose hillymountainwith wide space. The equipment we use in this is hang glider, helmet, protective gear etc. By wearing this protective gear, Helmet we jump from a high point and then fly like birds in the sky.

III.) Write a short paragraph on your favourite game.

Ans: –

My favourite game is football. In this game we have to work hard kike we run most of the time while playing. This sports is also beneficial for our health as well. Our body fitness grows up in though this game as well as gave us energy for work also. By this sports we also understand the team management also.

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