Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 12 The Unlucky Face Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 12 Solution – The Unlucky Face. Here in this post we provides Class 5 English The Unlucky Face Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class V Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 5 English Chapter 12 The Unlucky Face Solution:


I.) Answer the following questions

1) What did people believe about Hirachand?

Ans: – The people believed about Hirachand that his face was unlucky seeing in morning.

2) What made Akbar feel sick?

Ans: – Akbar feel sick as he ate nothing throughout the day.

3)  Why was Akbar angry with Hirachand?

4) What punishment was given to Hirachand? Do you think it was right?

Ans: – Hirachand gave punishment of death. This was not right to give a death sentence without any cause.

5) Who saved Hirachand?

Ans: – Birbal save Hirachand.

II.) Complete the following sentences by choosing the appropriate option.

1) The doctor was called __to examine Akbar___________

a.)  to examine Akbar.

b.) to examine the Queen.

2) Akbar ordered a fresh meal because __his meal has got cold___________

a.) his meal was not tasty.

 b.) his meal had got cold.

3) Akbar fell ill because __he hadn’t eaten anything the whole morning___________

a.)  he hadn’t eaten anything the whole morning.

b.) he had seen Hirachand’s face.

4) Hirachand’s last wish was ___to see Akbar__________

a.) to see Birbal.

b.)  to see Akbar.


Now form compound words by using words from the box.

Wash;made; wide;table;word;

Day;hood;thing; lines;

head_____head hood______









II.) Make as many compound words as you can by combining words from the box. One has been done for you.

News; brush; some; time; where;tooth;father;

Mother; any; talk; key; one; how; son;

Grand;ever;daughter; board;paper;thing;

 Ans: – Newspaper, Brushes, sometimes, timetable, whereas, toothpaste, fatherhood, motherboard, anything, talkative, keyboard, ones, however, Grandson,Grandmother, evergreen, Granddaughter, Blackboard, peppermill, thinking.

III.) Read the following words.

Make the opposites of the following words by adding appropriate prefixes. Put them in the appropriate columns.

Connect;  proper;  honest;  happy;  mortal;  known;  kind ;Balance;  able ;perfect ;clean ; grace ; moral ; appear;

Ans: –

Dis Im Un
Connect proper happy
honest moral known
Balance Perfect kind
grace moral able
appear   clean

 Fill in the blanks with the opposite forms of the adjectives given in brackets.

1)  Mandeep is weak in studies because he is ____irregular___________ (regular) in class.

2) Don’t leave your work ____incomplete___________ (complete).

3) The teacher advised the child to improve his writing because it was _______illegible________ (legible).

4) No one trusts a ____dishonest___________ (honest) person.

5)  I’m ____unable____________ (able) to come to school today because of my sickness.

6) If you work hard, nothing is _impossible______________ (possible).

  1. Write words with the same sound but different in meaning and spelling. One has been done for you.

whole ___hole______

new ___knew______

would __should_______

berth ___birth______

see ____sea_____

off ___of______

fair ___fear______

heal ___hill______

so ____sow_____

know _________

made _____maid____

maid __made_______

by ____bye_____

sent ___cent______

sail ____sell_____


Read the following statements. Then fill in the gaps with the suggestions.

For example:

1) Rajesh suggests to Rohit that they should go for a picnic.

He says to Rohit, “Let’s go for a picnic.”

2) Mala suggests to her mother that they should go to market.

She says to her mother, “__let’sgo to market__”

3)  Ravi proposes to his friends that they should plant trees.

He says to his friends, “__lets plant trees__”

4)  Mary wants to prepare dinner with Tom.

She says to Tom, “_lets prepare dinner__”

5)  Javed wants to watch a movie with his friends.

He says to his friends, “__lets watch a movie__”

6) Tara wants to play in the rain with her friends.

She says to her friends, “__Let’s play in the rain__”

II.) Make sentences using the chunk ‘Let’s’ and the verbs given in the brackets. One has been done for you.

  • It is morning. (go)

Ans: – Its morning lets go for a walk.

2) The sun has set. (go)

Ans: – The sun has set let’s go.

3) The train is whistling. (Run)

Ans: – The train is whistling let’s run to catch it.

4) The examination is drawing near. (work)

Ans: – The examination is drawing near let’s do some work.

5) Its fine day. (enjoy)

Ans: – It’s fine day let’s enjoy now.

6)  It’s going to rain. (return)

Ans: – It’s going to rain let’s return home.


I.) Akbar fell sick because he did not eat on time. Write in your notebook some do’s and Don’ts for good eating habits. One has been given for you.

Ans: –

Dos Don’t
Always wash your hands before eating anything. Don’t over eat.
Eating slowly is beneficial Try to avoid cold store food.
Always eat properly chewing. Don’t eat quickly as it may lead problem sometimes
Use to eat fresh fruit. Don’t eat street food which has no cover.

 II.) People write a diary for some of the following reasons.

  • To develop creativity
  • To develop new ideas or thoughts
  • To keep themselves emotionally healthy
  • To keep a record of what happened and when

Write a diary of what all happened to you during the last twenty four hours. You may focus on the following points:

  • What you did
  • Whom you met
  • What happened and when

Ans: –

Date: – 22/5/22

It was last Saturday when I came back from school I made my uncles who came from Australia recently. When we are talking about he encourage me to study properly as there is various scope if we learned proper skills in foreign countries.

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