Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 5 My Teacher Sees Right through Me Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 5 Solution – My Teacher Sees Right through Me. Here in this post we provides Class 5 English My Teacher Sees Right through Me Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class V Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 5 English Chapter 5 My Teacher Sees Right through Me Solution:


Answer the following questions.

1) What was the first reason given by the student for not doing his homework?

Ans: – The first reason gave by the student for not doing his homework is that it was very hard.

2) Why did the teacher think that the dog couldn’t have eaten the homework?

Ans: – The teacher thought that the dog couldn’t had eaten the homework because the student doesn’t have any dog.

3) What did the student do instead of doing his chores?

Ans: – The students watching TV instead of doing his chores.

4) When did the teacher say, “You were with me.”?

Ans: – The teacher said that he was with him for the reply of that he (student) had a doctor appointment.

5) Have you ever been caught playing a trick by your teacher? When was it?

Ans: – Do yourself.


II.) Here are some words which sound the same but have different spellings and meanings (homophones) . For example:

Some more homophones are given in the box.

principal – principle;  scene – seen;knew – new;

berth – birth;pane – pain;

Now use these homophones to complete the following sentences.

1) What a beautiful ___scene________! I’ve never seen a similar thing before.

2) He is the most pleasing person I have ever ___seen_________.

3) Can you give me some medicine? I have a terrible ___pain_________ in my stomach.

4) Children broke the window ___pane___ while playing cricket.

5) She gave ____birth________ to a girl child.

6) Mohan reserved a ___berth_________ for his father in the Janta Express.

7) The ___principal_________ of our school is famous for his discipline.

8) We must follow the ___principle_________ of equality.

9)  Our neighbour bought a ____new________ car.

10) The teacher ____knew________ that she would top the exam.


I.) Fill in the blanks with the words.

who, when, what, why, where and which.

1)  Q: __what__________ is your name?

A: My name is Shalu.

2)  Q: __where__________ is your school?

A: It is on Tularam road.

3) Q: ____who________ is your class teacher?

A: Miss Chandni.

4)  Q: ___why_________ are you sad?

A: I have lost my pen.

5) Q: ____when________ do you get up in the morning?

A: At 6 o’clock.

6)  Q: __what__________ is your favourite subject?

A: English is my favourite subject.

II.) Complete the following questions with the words given in the box.

When; Who;What;Why;How; Which;Where;

1)  __Who__________ is the monitor of your class?

2) ___When_________ did you leave your classroom?

3) ___What_________ is your favourite movie?

4) ____When________ is your birthday?

5) ____What________ do you want to eat for lunch?

6)  ____What________ are you feeling now?

7) ____What________ did the teacher call in Bhavesh?

8) ____Where________ do you live?


Describe the funniest excuse that you may have ever made to your parents. Also mention why it was the funniest one.

Remember to mention:

  • What the excuse was
  • The occasion for making the excuse
  • The result of the excuse

Ans: – There are various things came to our mind when we gave some excuse to my parents. One things that came to my mind that in class three I gave an excuse of stomach pain and I didn’t go school. But I finally I caught when my parents asked me to go for a doctor.

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