Dialogue writing between two friends regarding summer vacation

Dialogue writing between two friends regarding summer vacation

(After half yearly exams are over) friends 1 visiting friend 2’s house.

Friend 1 – (Door bell rings) Hi!! How are you?

Friend 2 – What a great surprise. Please come in.

Friend 1 – Than you. It’s such a hot day.

Friend 2 – Yaah! Just sit for sometime. I will bring something cold to drink.

Friend 1 – Ok. Come, I have something important to discuss.

Friend 2 – (After coming with 2 glasses of cold drinks) Yaah tell me know, what you wanted to say.

Friend 1 – Our exams are over & now its our vacation. Do you have any places on how to spend your vacations?

Friend 2 – Yaah! I was thinking about that. I think I will spend my vacation watching T.V & sleeping.

Friend 1 – Oh ho!! What do say? I agree its our vacation. But we should even try to make it productive.

Friend 2: Sounds interesting. But to make it productive we have to work hard & vacations are for fun.

Friend 1: Yaah! There are many activities we can do which can be educative as well s fun for us. 

Friend 2: Is it? Tell me something in details.

Friend 1: Yes, sure. There are many summer camps organised for children which provide fun as well lots of learning opportunities. We can even join to some classes for extra co-curricular activities.

Friend 2: Oh! I am glad I came to know about so many options. I am ready to join them. You place find a suitable option for both of us.

Friend 1: Yaah sure. I have contacted 2 of the summer camps. They will inform us shortly.

Friend 2: I am really exited.

Friend 1: Same here. Ok its getting late. I will leave now. Mummy must be waiting.

Friend 2: Inform me about the camp. Bye!!


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