Essay Writing of Class 6 to 12 in English, Essay for UPSC, SSC, PSC & More

Essay writing is a common assignment in secondary school and college. Essay writing is a kind of writing that represents information about a particular topic. While studying English subjects, essay writing is an important part. Nowadays, English subject has become the most important part of education. Every student needs to develop their writing skills for English subjects. Essay writing will help students to improve their thinking ability. Here, we are providing ‘Essay writing for Class 6 to 12 in English’ on various topics. Essay writing on different topics will change your perspective and views. During an academic year, ‘essay writing is the only thing that helps students in expressing their views. Sometimes, the topics even reflect real-world problems. Students will get to learn many real-life issues while writing on a particular topic. The essays will also help to sharpen your memory in a better way. Below, the ‘Essay writing of Class 6 to 12 in English’ are written in a creative form so that they can improve your vocabulary as well as phrases. Essay writing is the place where you can develop a strong command of English. English reading and writing are important aspects of education. Most competitive exams include letter writing, essay writing, etc. The writing skills are analysed while conducting a descriptive kind of competitive exam. A guide for writing essays has been developed to help students improve their writing skills in order to pass the descriptive part of a competitive examination.

What is meant by Essay writing?

In simple words, Essay writing is writing that explores a special kind of idea. Essay writing is a way to prove your point about a specific topic. Students should keep three things in mind when writing an essay, which is introduction, body, and conclusion. It is very important for all students to introduce their essay topic before writing the main body. Different types of essays include narrative essays, descriptive essays, and argumentative essays.

Important Steps while writing an essay

Essay writing is important writing which should be done on your own. The essay writing will increase your knowledge of the right phrases, and sentence structure. Likewise, students need to know some essential steps while writing an essay. Below steps will help you more understand the steps of essay writing:

  • First of all, students need to determine the type of essay before writing an essay. Expository, comparative, narrative, and argumentative kinds of essays are there. Determining the type of essay will help you to understand writing an essay.
  • Organization of your thoughts is also important while writing an essay. So, the expert advised students to create an outline of the essay.
  • An introduction should be included in the first paragraph to discuss your main point. Students can grab the attention of readers by introducing their essay topic.
  • Then, the detailed information of your view will support your essay. Students can also add quotes, facts, and examples to support their essays.
  • You should summarize all the points in the conclusion. In this paragraph, students can represent their core ideas in clear words.
  • A strong view is provided to the readers with the help of the above points. The Essay Writing of Class 6 to 12 in English provides a great knowledge about ‘Essay writing’.

List of Essay 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 Classes

In this article, all the essays are compiled for proper understanding. Students can practice regularly to increase their language understanding. As you practice ‘Essay writing for Class 6 to 12 in English’, you can improve your English writing and reading skills at the same time. The provided essays are written in a simple yet effective way for a better understanding of language. The following ‘Essay writing for Class 6 to 12 in English’ covers all the important essays of classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. This will help you to build your skills in essay writing. Students can read the following interactive essays to understand the structure of essays.

2000 Note Ban

UPSC Previous Year Essay Solved

I will honour my role model (Gallantry Award winner) _________ by taking a pledge to _______

Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign Essay

Essay on Messages that the national war memorial conveys

Essay on The National War Memorial inspires me to for Class 9, 10

Essay on If given a chance, my contribution to the National War Memorial will be

Essay on Conservation of Petroleum Products to young bright minds for Class 7

Essay on Conservation of Petroleum Products to young bright minds for Class 8

Essay on Conservation of Petroleum Products to young bright minds for Class 9

Essay on Conservation of Petroleum Products to young bright minds for Class 10

Doklam Issue

Beti Bachao Beti Padao


Cooperative and Competitive Federalism

Digital Banking’s Adverse Effect on Banking Industry

NEET – Boon or Bane

Female Foeticide: Root Causes, Practices and Prevention

Schemes by Government of India

Essay on Cow

1) A Picnic

2) A Visit to a Historical Place

3) A Visit to a Zoo

4) My Last Day at School

5) Sports and Games

6) My House

7) Libraries

8) A Rainy Day

9) A Scene at a Railway Station

10) A Cricket Match

11) Life in a big city

12) Village Life

13) Television

14) My Favorite book

15) My Ambition

16) My Hobby

17) Our School Canteen

18) My Best friend

19) Teacher I Like the Most

20) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

21) Bhagat Singh

22) Indian Culture and Tradition

23) Education Should be Free

24) Should students get limited access to the internet

25) Pollution due to Urbanisation

26) Should plastic be banned

27) Contribution of Technology in Education

28) Unity in diversity

29) Conservation of Wildlife

30) Cruelty to Animals

31) Unity is Strength

32) Life in an Indian Village

33) Career

34) Impact of cinema in life

35) Student should not be allowed to play online games

35) GST

36) Travelling

37) Incredible India / Make in India

38) Google

39) Population Explosion: Problems And Solutions

40) Literacy and Education

41) Youth Unrest: Causes and Solutions

42) Sustainable Development

43) Modernization and Westernization in India

44) Banks privatization Pro and Cons

45) Information evolution and its increasing effects

46) The issue of Child Labour: What to do

47) Is India really a Secular State?

48) Reservation: Need, Problems and Solutions

49) Uniform Civil Code: Need and Perspective

50) My Vision for India @100 years 400 Words

51) My Vision for India @100 years 700 Words

52) My Vision for India @100 years 1000 Words

53) Gender Equality: Perspectives and Problems

54) India’s Contribution to the World

55) Essay on Indian Nationalism: Nature and Perspectives

56) India and her Neighbouring Countries

57) Democracy: a way of Life

58) The Responsibilities of Journalism

59) Achievements and Failures of Indian Democracy

60) Corruption in Politics

61) Indian Culture: Unity in Diversity

62) United Nations: An Evaluation

63) Judicial Activism

64) The Mentality of Misusing Freedom

65) Every Right is Attached with a Duty

66) Consumerist Culture and its Effects

67) India in the Age of Privatization, Liberalization and Globalization

68) India As A Soft State

69) Who Cares: the Basic of Youth Culture

70) Composite Culture of India

71) Political Instability: A hurdle in National Development

72) The Constitutional Review: Need and Perspective

73) Quick but Steady Wins the Race

74) Causes of Violence in the World

75) Cultural Diversity in India

76) Need of Saving Childhood

77) Socialism: An Irrelevant Ideology

78) Regional Imbalance in Development

79) Naxalism in India

80) Climate catastrophe

81) Corruption in India

82) Startup India

83) Global Warming

84) Globalization

85) Farmers Suicide in India

86) Safety of Women

87) Disaster Management in India

88) Smog in Delhi

89) Demonetization

90) Unemployment in India Essay

91) Intolerance

92) Prompt Corrective Action

93) Godmen A threat to Indian Society

94) Roles of Media in India

95) Overpopulation : Causes, Impact and Prevention

96) Can India go Cashless

97) World War 3

98) India’s Poor ranking in environmental performance index 2018

99) Can Loan Waivers Benefit Farmers

100) Bullet Trains

101) Cryptocurrency is it safe?

102) Gender Equality & Sustainable Development

103) Caste based reservation in India

104) Urbanization and Smart Cities in India

105) National Security: Challenges and Hopes

106) The Criminalization of Politics

107) Need of a Sport Policy for India

108) Pariksha Pe Charcha

109) Right to Freedom of Expression

109) Ransomware Attacks

110) Space Programmes of India

111) Security Threats in India: Terrorism

112) Indo Pak Relations

113) Electronic Voting Machines

114) Rural Urban Divide

115) Challenges after implementation of GST

116) Should Government consider Privatizing Public Sector banks?

117) Triple Talaq

118) Swach Bharat Abhiyan

119) Saubhagya Scheme

120) Benefit of CBT Exams

121) Extra Classes for Children after School

122) The Need of a Sensible Administration

123) Kashmir Problem: Need of a proper solution

124) International Day of Yoga

125) The gifts of democracy: casteism, regionalism and communalism

126) New Economic policies: oceans of poverty and islands of wealth

127) Restoration and Preservation of Indian Monuments

128) Social Media: Advantages and Disadvantages

129) Privatization of Banks: Advantages and Disadvantages

130) Solar Energy: A way ahead

131) World Bicycle Day

132) Artificial Intelligence: Requirements and Challenges

133) Online gaming: Advantages and Challenges

134) National Flag

135) Knowledge is the Power

136) Value of Time

137) Money Can’t Buy Happiness

138) Role of Women in Society

139) Impact of Cinema in Life

140) Girl Education

141) Addiction of Gadgets

142) Life

143) Mothers Love

144) Role of Class Teacher

145) Best Friend

146) Good Habits

147) Motivation

148) Honesty

149) Punctuality

150) My Favourite Teacher

151) Social Media Addiction

152) Discipline

153) Health is Wealth

154) Simple Living High Thinking

155) Kindness

156) Raising the age of marriage of girls from 18 to 21- Advantages and disadvantages

157) Women Empowerment and their Rights

158) Inflation is rising in the country. Give reasons and suggest measures to curb it

159) Ethics

160 Love

161) Self Discipline

162) Uses of the Internet

163) Rainy Season 

164) Spring Season

165) Winter Season

166) Dowry System

167) Problems Faced by The Women In India

168) Corruption Free India

169) Life of Soldier

170) Advantages Of The Internet

171) Indian Culture

172) Can Sanitation Programmes make India Clean and Clear?

173) Social Empowerment Programes in India

174) Net Neutrality

175) GST How will it work in India?

176) Digital India objectives and challenges

177) Dream of Smart Cities: Myth or Reality in India

178) Child Labour in India and Unavoidable Dilemma

179) Cyber Crimes How to tackle it?

180) Make in India

181) Organic Farming, is it really feasible for all?

182) Reservation Policy in India. Does it need review?

183) Is Capital Punishment Justified?

184) India’s claim to security council of the United Nations

185) Euthanasia, should it be legalized?

186) Relevance of Gandhian Principles in Today’s Time

187) Drone technology is it a substitute for manned aircrafts?

188) A typical day in 2030

189) Hola Mohalla

190) Christmas Day

191) Baisakhi

192) Lohri Festival

193) Guru Purnima

194) Raksha Bandhan

195) Hemis Gompa Festival

196) Mewar Festival

197) Ganesh Chaturthi

198) Batukeshwar Datt

199) Being kind is good but worth it

200) Medical Tourism

201) Freedom of Expression vs Nationalism

202) E-Waste

203) Virtual Learning

204) Black Money

205) Human cloning

206) Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme

207) Judicial Activism in India

208) Metro Rail

209) Necessity of uniform civil code

210) Teenage Suicide

211) Police Reforms in India

212) Mountain Climbing

213) Promoting sustainable tourism is crucial for the vision of developed India @2047

214) Ways through which tourism unites us all

215) How would I promote tourism in my Town / City

216) Feminism

217) Mob Lynching

218) The Indian model of secularism

219) Indian History

220) Indian Geography

221) Indian Economy

222) Saving Water

223) National Integration

224) Racism

225) Human Rights

226) Generation Gap

227) Brain Drain

228) Road Safety

229) Poverty

230) Terrorism

231) Importance of fitness in an Individual’s Life

232) Promoting safe responsible and peaceful cyberspace

233) Violence against Women

234) Status of women in India

235) Cleanliness

236) Communal Harmony

237) Rainwater Harvesting

238) Regional imbalance in Development

239) The problem of third world countries

240) French Revolution

241) Causes of World War I

242) Human resource management and development

243) Should graffiti be considered art or vandalism?

244) Should books with objectionable words be banned?

245) Should unpaid internships be legal

246) Should the minimum wage be increased

247) Should monopolies be allowed

248) Should corporations have a higher or lower tax rate?

249) Should the death penalty be legal?

250) Should animal testing be allowed?

251) Do humans cause global climate change

252) Is school uniform a good idea?

253) Is Universal Basic Income A Good Idea?

254) Is it ethical to replace human workers with automation

255) Should there be laws against using cell phones while driving?

256) Has the internet positively or negatively impacted the human society

257) Should world governments get involved in addressing climate change

258) Should Facebook be allowed to collect data from its users?

259) Should self-driving cars be legal?

260) Where do I see my country in 2047?

261) Stepping into 2047…How India will become a developed nation?

262) India in 2047: The Global Power House

263) Development and Humanity the Indian way of celebrating 100 years of Independence

264) Civil war

265) Family Planning in India

266) Organ trafficking

267) Female foeticide

268) Child trafficking

269) Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

270) Bal Swachhata Abhiyan

271) Women’s Empowerment Speech

272) Should fracking be legal? Speech

273) Barriers to Empowerment of Women in India

274) Does Your City Need Beautification?

275) Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan

276) The Caste System in India

268) Road Rage

269) Is art education important

270) Should coaches and players make the same amount of money?

271) Should parents be able to modify their unborn children?

272) Do GMOs help or harm people?

273) Should gender segregate sports?

274) Joint family system

275) Social justice

276) Organ Donation

277) Intolerance

278) The Power of Youth

279) Causes of World War 2

280) Are there benefits to attending a single-sex school

281) Do we have a fair tax system?

282) Should art and music sharing online be allowed?

283) Does religion cause war?

284) Should vaccinations be required for students to attend public school?

285) Should PE affect a student’s grades

286) Should college be free?

287) Do curfews keep teens out of trouble?

288) Should abortion be illegal?

289) Is homework harmful or helpful?

290) Do violent video games cause behaviour problems

291) Should men get paternity leave from work?

292) Global Terrorism

293) The Cold War

294) Consumerism

295) Social evils

296) God is a subject of belief, not of reason

297) The philosophy of post-modernism in the context of India

298) Are schools and teachers responsible for low test scores?

299) Religion and Politics: the professions without capital

300) India’s basic philosophy and its effect on our society

301) Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?

302) Is college admission too competitive

303) Road Accidents

304) Beggars

305) Consumer Rights

306) Is it okay for prisoners to vote (as they are in some states)?

307) Is public prayer okay in schools?

308) Should schools require foreign language or physical education?

309) Save girl child

310) Road Safety Week

311) The city where I live in

312) Amritsar

313) Digital economy for empowered India

314) Digital India A vision to transform India

315) Promoting innovative outlook in education

316) Impact of the digital economy on my life

317) Group of twenty (G20)

318) Stay Safe Online

319) Jal Shakti Abhiyan

320) Holi

321) International Women’s Day

322) According to me, the best example of Kabaad se Jugaad is

323) Local skill of my district which I can promote

324) Role of Education in Skill Development

325) Emerging industries and required skills

326) Globalization and need for globally relevant skills

327) Skill development for inclusive and sustainable economic growth

328) National Technology Day

329) Seven Wonders of the World

330) Netflix

331) GDP in India

332) India’s youth and their emerging scientific spirit

333) India @75

334) Drone technology in India

385) Tribal Empowerment 

386) Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan

387) Physical Games vs Online Games

388) Work in Pairs

389) Books vs Mobile Phones

390) One Child One Plant

391) Tourism in India: A Growing Global Attraction

392) India’s roadmap to renewable energy

393) Measures to promote self-sufficiency of food production in India

394) Meri Mati Mera Desh

395) Story of India’s Partition

396) Rani Lakhsmi Bai came into my dream. She wanted me to serve our nation by

397) One Earth, One family, one future

398) Describing a festival which is celebrated in your community

399) Bharatiya Bhasha Utsav

400) Swacchata hi seva campaign

401) Importance of Fitness

402) Constitution Day

403) Agriculture and resource management to reduce the probability of disasters

404) Biological disasters

405) Roles and responsibilities of disaster management authorities

406) Save water in daily use

407) Increasing threats of disasters in urban areas

408) Earthquake Precursors: Studies & Monitoring

409) Rescue and relief of any disaster

410) Rehabilitation and reconstruction of post-natural disasters

411) Which of your family members do you spend the most time with? Describe your experience of being with them

412) Describe what you like about your house and give a sneak peak of your surroundings

413) Describe your favourite place in the world

414) How your teacher has influenced your life

415) “Book reading is a dying phenomenon of life nowadays.” Throw light on the factors responsible for it and give suggestions for its improvement

416) Plastic bags are convenient and should not be banned by the government

417) Veer Sahibzada Diwas & its significance in building patriotism in the youth

418) Martyrdom of Sahibzade Essay

419) National Road Safety

420) Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Agriculture

421) Viksit Bharat

422) Why do we need gender equality?

423) Indian Space Exploration

424) International E-Waste Day

425) Childhood Memories

426) V. O. Chidambaram Pillai

427) My view to make exams stress free Essay in 400 Words

428) A nation can develop only if all are educated


Essay for UPSC Candidates

Important Cities

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Essay Writing FAQ:

Q.1. What is Essay Writing?

Ans. Writing an Essay, It’s an attempt to write meaningful sentence on particular theme.

Q.2. How many types of essay?

Ans. There are four common types of essay. They are Expository Essay, Descriptive Essay Writing, Narrative Essay Writing, Argumentative Essay Writing.

Q.3. What do Teacher follow through an essay writing?

Ans. First of all it shows your knowledge on the particular theme or subject. As well as It also shows your range of vocabulary, its correct use etc.

Q.4 How to write an Essay from own?

Ans. An Essay is a reflection of your own feelings and your own opinions. You must have courage to express your own opinion in your essay.