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English Grammar for Class 7

Class 7 English Grammar Learn A to Z English Grammar All Rules English Grammar with its Examples of Class 7 English Grammar at our portal. Now of days, most of students are facing problems on English Grammar as there are lots of rules and their uses in right places. That’s why they are fear when […]

Paragraph on Good Food

Paragraph on Good Food There is a famous saying that if “we eat foods as medicine then we don’t need to eat medicines as foods”. It is not necessary to tell that, in all over the world, all the human beings are focusing on the strong immune system. It has become our own aim .A […]

Paragraph on Balanced Diet

Paragraph on Balanced Diet The diet which contains all the food nutrients in the right amount is called as balanced diet. Every living beings needs an energy to survive as well . If we do not have the enough balanced diet then we feel very tired and frustrated. We wear the best of clothes for […]

Paragraph on Good Health

Paragraph on Good Health A good health is the most important part of our life. We have the greatest blessing from the god that we have a good health .we just have to maintain it as well for preventing ourselves from the diseases.  Day by day , our livelihood is changing with the time. So […]

Paragraph on Dictionary

Paragraph on Dictionary Dictionary is derived from the word “diction” which means style . Dictionary is a simple tool which helps us to pronounce respell and the Grammars we need to collaborate within in a communication. Dictionary is a collection of words of a particular language it lists the word of a language and gives […]

Paragraph on Birthday

Paragraph on Birthday Birthday is a very memorable day in every body’s life . It is a day to make a lot of fun and enjoy . My birthday falls on 28th November . I celebrated my 15th birthday last year. I woke up early in the morning . Then I touched the feet of […]

Paragraph on Pollution

Paragraph on Pollution It is a big environmental problem. When the environment is contaminated then the pollution is occurred. There are three major types of pollution in the environment. Soil pollution, Air pollution, water pollution and the noise pollution and so on. There are some major causes of pollution, such as massive use of fuel […]

Paragraph on Load Shedding

Paragraph on Load Shedding The electricity has become a spinal cord for a human being. The suspension of the supply of electricity is known as Load shedding. It is common affair in our nation. Nowadays it has become a major problem. It is a burning question in the society. Without solving this problem, we cannot […]

Paragraph on Deforestation

Paragraph on Deforestation Deforestation means cutting or clearing of trees or forest from the grass root level . For the facilitation of the human activities. There are two main cases of the deforestation first is natural causes and the second one is human activities. Natural causes of the deforestation such as, forests fires . In […]