Dialogue writing between two friends on choice of carrier

Dialogue writing between two friends on choice of carrier.

(After completion of their matriculation exam outside the exam hall)

Friend 1 – (Waiting for friend 2) Hey! How was your exam?

Friend 2 – It was great. How was yours?

Friend 1 – Same here. At least, we successfully finished our exam. I feel great.

Friend 2 – Yaah! It’s a great relief.

Friend 1 – Lets go the canteen out there & have some juice. Its very hot today.

Friend 2 – Yaah let’s go. (After sitting in the canteen)

Friend 1 – Have you decided what do you want to be?

Friend 2 – Yaah, but I am confused. I have a liking towards English literature. But I want to become a engineer.

Friend 1 – Ok! But for possessing your ambition you should choose the correct stream.

Friend 2 – Yaah! I think I would take up science as my subject. I am confident about my ambition. What about you?

Friend 1 – I always wanted to be a doctor. I want to take up science as subject. But I am a bit scared as well.

Friend 2 – Do not worry! Science is a bit tough, but it is interesting as well.

Friend 1 – Yaah! Let’s hope for the best. I am preparing myself for the entrance as well. What about you?

Friend 2 – Yaah! I will also start taking my coaching classes. I am very serious about my carrier.

Friend 1 – Let’s hope for the best. I hope both our results are satisfactory. Same to you.

Friend 2 – Same to you.


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