Chhattisgarh State Class 8 Social Science Solution

CG State Class 8 Social Science (History, Civics and Geography) Solution All Chapters Download from this Page. Chhattisgarh State Class 8 Book Social Science English Medium Textbook Solution. All Chapter Exercise Question and Answers from Book.

Chhattisgarh State Class 8 History Chapter-wise Solution:

  • Rise of Modern Europe
  • Establishment of East India Company in India
  • Effect of British Rule on Indian people
  • First war of Independence
  • New Ideas in Indian society
  • Indian National Movement
  • Establishment of Republic India
  • Study of Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh State Class 8 Civics Chapter-wise Solution:

  • Now Meeta Knows
  • Our Constitution
  • Fundamental Rights and Duties
  • Central Government
  • Our Judicial System
  • Tax
  • Development and Agriculture in India
  • United nation organization
  • Foreign policies of India
  • Right to Information
  • Trans Gender/Thrid Gender

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