Chhattisgarh State Class 8 Social Science History Chapter 1 Solution

Chhattisgarh State Board Class 8 History Chapter 1 Rise of Modern Europe Exercise Matching, Give reasons, Answer the following questions here.


(1.) Copernicus – Astronomical Scientist

(2.) Columbus – Discovered sea route from Europe to America.

(3.) Martin Luther – not to obey the importance of pope.

(4.) Henry VIII – Corruption in religious practice.

(1.) Why are Martin Luther’s followers known as protestants?

Ans. Martin Luther protested against the corrupted religious institutions. and told the people that they should read the Bible and should understand the elements of religion and not to believe religious leaders. He protested against the religious settlement and prevailing malpractices. So his believers were called protestants.

(2.) Why did European traders established trading companies?

Ans. European trader gained profit through foreign trade but there was lots of problems in it. So traders gave up work to craftsman, started collecting new materials and stocked them, also they started doing the production.

(3.) Why has middle class become the back bone of modern society?

ans. Middle class people were skilled workers. Their class was not tied with the bondage of superstition and tradition, these people were eager to know new things. This is how the the middle class people has become the backbone of society.

III. Answer the following questions :

(1) What was the result of invention of art of printing?

Ans. Due to the invention of printing machine availability of books in large number were easy and at a lower cost in that time.

(4) As a result of industrial revolution which three classes of society came into role? Explain in short.

Ans. There were 3 classes.

i) Rich

ii) Middle class

iii) labour class.

Rich: Rich people were the owners of factories and industries.

Middle Class:- Middle class people were the skilled workers. Such as: Bankers, broker, clerk.

Labour class:- Labour class were generally controlled by the owners of factories and industries. They used to work under them and used to draw salary.

(5)  How did decline of feudalism take place?

Ans. Decline Feudalism:-

Rise in trade also affected the political areas of Europe. Rulers also relied the traders. With the rise of trade in Europe, decline in feudalism take place.

(6) What are the impact of rise in trade in Europe?

Ans. Due to rise in trade there was changes in social, economic and political life.

Economic impact:- Economic system of trade and industry flourished Eropean nation began to prosper.

Social impact:- With the increase of trade many occupation related to it came into existance like banker, clerk, accountant. This is called as Middle class.

Political impact:- Traders for their own interest supported the government. Rulers also relied the traders. Business class got importance in the country. A new system was established known as modern society.

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