Adverb Clauses Class 10 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution

Adverb Clauses Class 10 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution

Adverb Clauses Class 10 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution Activity Question Answers by Grammar Sir here in this page. Odisha Board 10th Class English Grammar Adverb Clauses Exercise Questions and Answers, Notes BSE Odisha.

Learn and Practice Grammar Class 10 English BSE Odisha Questions Answers have total 8 Activities. Here students of Board of Secondary Education, Odisha Class 10 can solve all their doubts in each questions and prepare for exams.





Activity – 1

Complete the following sentences with adverb clauses starting with the word(s) given in brackets.


We reached home when he had arrived.(when)


Ramesh ran so fast that he reached home before our car.(so fast that)


You wouldn’t succeed if don’t work hard. (if)


The sum is not as difficult as it looks. (as)


The thief behaved as if he didn’t commit any crime. (as if)


You should rest because you are unwell. (because)


My friends will come even if I will not be there. (even if)


He speaks better than his elder brother. (than)


The thief hid the jewellery where nobody was allowed to go.(where)


The man is absolutely honest even though he was poor. (even though)


Activity – 2

Identify the adverb clauses and mention what kinds of adverbs they are:


Train up the children in the way they should go.

Answer: Adverb of manner


As the dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly.

Answer: Adverb of reason


Where there is no vision, the people suffer.

Answer: Adverb of place


Do unto others as they would do unto you.

Answer:  Adverb of comparison


We went out to play as the weather became better.

Answer:  Adverb of reason


Although he went to the market, he forgot to buy the vegetables.

Answer: Adverb of concession


Whether you join the picnic or not, you will have to pay the money.

Answer: Adverb of concession


You can’t cheat him even though he is very simple.

Answer: Adverb of concession


Provided you are in need, we shall help you.

Answer: Adverb of condition


Activity – 3

Match the adverb clauses with the corresponding main clauses. Then rewrite the sentences starting with the main clauses.


1) I could have arrived there on time if you had not reminded me


2) You can understand if you read the lesson.


3) You would have got a first class if you had studied more sincerely.


4) I would take you to her place if I knew her address


5) If you pour oil on water, it floats.

It floats if you pour oil on water.


6) I would fly in the sky if I had wings.


7) If you heat iron, it expands.

It expands if you heat iron.


8) We can reach there in time if we start now.


9) I shall not go out if it rains today.


10) If the sun sets, it becomes dark.

It becomes dark if the sun sets.


Activity – 4

Complete the following sentences using main clauses (Don’t forget the commas.):

1) If you meet him, he will be happy.

2) If Mahatma Gandhi were alive today, he would fight against corruption.

3) Had I the wings of a dove, I would fly freely.

4) If you boil water upto 1000C, it evaporates.

5) If India had won this match, everyone would be happy.

6) If my friend comes in time, we will not miss the start of the movie.

7) If you are not watching TV, you will get good marks.

8) If I were you, I would be lucky.

9) If you had driven more carefully, you could have saved yourself from the accident.

10) If Germany had won the World War-‘II, it would rule the world.


Activity – 5

Study the following sentences and mention whether they are simple (S), complex (X), or

compound(D) sentences:


i) The sun is shining and the day is quite warm. C


ii) The day is quite warm because the sun is shining. X


iii) The sun is bright, warm and not very unpleasant. X


iv) Make hay while the sun shines. S


v) Please call that girl, who has blue eyes. C


vi) What you told me is entirely false. S


vii) This is not what I asked for. C


viii) I know you were inattentive and didn’t listen to me. X


ix) Don’t be inattentive in the class. S


x) Waste not, want not. S


xi) It isn’t true that he cheated in the examination. C


xii) I am sorry that he has been disturbed. C


xiii) The man you saw through the window has gone. X


xiv) I met him as I was leaving the house. X


xv) They answered better than I had hoped. C


xvi) I am taking an umbrella in case it rains. X


xvii) The memory of what the teacher had said still burned within him. C


xviii) The sun is shining, the day is warm and the birds are singing. X


Activity – 6

Find the noun and adverb clauses in the sentences given in the previous question. Mention why they are noun clauses or what type of adverb clauses they are.

1) The sun is shining- Noun Clause

2) because the sun is shining- Adverb of reason

3) The sun is bright,- Noun clause

4) while the sun shines- Adverb of time

5) who has blue eyes. Noun clause


6) What you told- Noun clause- Subject


7) what I asked for – Noun clause- apposition


8) you were inattentive- Adverb of manner


9) that he cheated in the examination- Noun clause- complement


10) that he has been disturbed.- Noun clause- complement


11) The man you saw- Noun clause- subject


12) as I was leaving the house- Adverb of place


13) They answered better- Adverb of manner


14) in case it rains- Adverb of reason


15) what the teacher had said still burned within him- Noun clause-


16) The sun is shining,- Noun clause- subject


Activity – 7

Combine the following pairs of sentences first into complex sentences and then into

compound ones. [You may change the order of sentences in each pair, if you like.]

Call on me tomorrow.‘ + I will give you the money then.

I can’t go. + I have no ticket.

The days are unlucky. + We mustn’t give up hope.

The day was very cold. + I had to take a woolen sweater.

I broke a tooth. + I had to go to see the dentist.

1) Complex- Call on me tomorrow so that I will give you the money then.

Compound- Call on me tomorrow and I will give you the money then.


2) Complex- I can’t go because I have no ticket.

Compound- As I have no ticket, I can’t go.


3) Complex- Since these days are unlucky, we mustn’t give up hope.

Compound- These days are unlucky but we mustn’t give up hope.


4) Complex- The day was very cold so that I had to take a woolen sweater.

Compound- The day was very cold for I had to take a woolen sweater.


5) Complex- When I broke a tooth, I had to go to see the dentist.

Compound-  I broke a tooth so I had to go to see the dentist.


Activity – 8 :

Find out the subordinate clauses in the following passage and say what type of clauses they are. Mention why you think so.


Tuni asks Tuna, “Please go to the shop for me and buy a packet of milk and, if they have eggs, get six.” A short time later, Tuna comes back with six packets of milk. Tuni asks him,” Why did you buy so much milk?” He replies,” They have eggs.”

Answer: if they have eggs, get six-  Adverb clause of condition

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