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Essay on Life in a Big City

Essay – Life in a big city A big city is a place which is full of modernisations & provided all sorts of physical comfort to the people dwelling in. Cities are developed in all ways and are even full of opportunities for the people living there. A life in a big city is always […]

Essay on A Cricket Match

Essay – A Cricket Match Cricket is a world famous sport played between 2 teams. The equipment’s used to play are bat, ball & stamps. There is an umpire in the match who looks after the issues on the field. The sport is played in an open field because it needs a big pitch to […]

Dialogue between Teacher and Student

Dialogue writing (Teacher & Student) Teacher enters the classroom. Students – Good morning mam! Teacher – Good morning everyone! Please be sited. Teacher – Before starting the class, I want all your vacation homework copies on my table. Students – Yes mam!! Student 1– Mam, I forgot to bring my homework copy. Teacher – How […]

Application for leave

Application for leave to the Principal Application for leave To, The Principle Happy child high school Rehabari, Guwahati-19 Sub: Application for leave Respected Mam, It is hereby inform that I, (Paromita Roy Kar) a student of class (IX) wants a leave for 7 days, for my sister’s wedding. Hence, kindly grant my leave from 16/11/21 […]

A House, A Home Extract Based Questions

Extract Based Questions – A House, A Home Class 6 English Textbook Chapter 1. We had updated here some important phrase from A House, A Home Chapter and also updated Important Questions on each phrase. Extract Based Questions for A House, A Home Chapter (1) “What is a house? It’s brick and stone And wood […]

Essay on A Picnic

Essay –  A Picnic A picnic is a small trip made with family or friends to gain happiness. Everyone works together to spend a day of entertainment & pleasure. Groups of people go together to a spot. They cook together, play games & they to explore the nature. Picnic with a family helps to strengthen […]