Types of motion

Ram and Shyam are good friends and both study in the same school. Ram comes to school in 5 minutes by school-bus and Shyam comes to school from home in 10 minutes by bicycle. They both are come school from home it means they changes their position from one place to another along with a vehicle , so that movement is nothing but motion.

But both also come to school at different times. Why did this happen?

Because both also used to come to school by different vehicles. So their measurement of distances is also different. So in this chapter we will learn about measurement of distances along with their motion.

Types of motion :

Activity 1

Take a stone, and thrown in upward direction. What will be our observation? A stone which thrown in upward direction it goes straight and after some time it goes falling in downward direction. This straight line motion is said to rectilinear motion.

A car which travelling straight along with the road, NCC parade in ground, a lift which move upwards and downward direction these are some example of rectilinear motion.

Activity 2

We often go to the fairs and are quite swag there. You must have seen the merry-go round and well of death there. How it’s rotate? It rotate as circular manner. This type of motion is called circular motion.

In industrial area, to produce electricity wind mills are used. These wind mills are also rotated in circular path along with air. Wheel of vehicle, pulley in well, a stone which is tied to a rope and is being swung in circles etc. These are the example of circular motion. If this motion repeated in equal interval of time that motion said to be periodic motion.

Minute of clocks, earth revolve around it’s self, day and night child these are all example of periodic motion which repeating itself in equal interval of time.






Pendulum of the clock, child on a swing move to and fro etc, in this motion object repeats the same movement over and over from its mean position is called oscillatory motion.





Q1 What is mean by motion?

Ans : When object/body continues change their position from one place to another is called motion.

Q2 What is periodic motion? Give an example of periodic motion.

Ans : If the motion happens in equal interval of time that motion is periodic motion.

Example : 1) Branch of tree to and fro, 2)strings of guitar etc

Q3 Gives the example of circular motion.

1) Car turning on curve road, 2)Helicopter blades, 3)Spinning top these are the example of circular motion.

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