The Rebel MCQ Questions with Answers Class 7 Poem 2

The Rebel MCQ Questions with Answers Class 7 Poem 2

NCERT Class 7 Poem Chapter 2 The Rebel MCQ Questions with Answers. The Rebel Multiple Choice Questions.

Question 1.

 When everyone has short hair rebels wants –

(i) His hair grown long

(ii) To cut his hair short

(iii) To remain it as it is

Answer:  His hair grown long.

Question 2.

When everybody talks during the lesson –

(i) Rebel also talks

(ii) He doesn’t say a word

(iii) Doesn’t like the disturbance

Answer: He doesn’t say a word.

Question 3.

When everybody wears fantastic clothes the rebel-

(i) Dresses soberly

(ii) Dresses in fantastic clothes

(iii) Wear fanciful dresses

Answer: Dresses soberly.

Question 4.

In the company of dog lovers the rebel –

(i) Expresses love for dogs

(ii) Expresses a preference for cats

(iii) Puts in a good word for rabbit

Answer: Expresses a preference for cats.

Question 5.

While everybody is praising the sun, the rebel –

(i) Regrets the absence of sun

(ii) Remarks on the need for rain

(iii) Comments on the need for air

Answer: Remarks on the need for rain.

Question 6.

The rebel stays at home and reads a book when-

(i) Everybody is busy to do work

(ii) Everybody goes to the meeting.

(iii) Everybody stays at home.

Answer: Everybody goes to the meeting.

Question 7.

When everybody says yes, please, the rebel says-

(i) No, thank you

(ii) Welcome

(iii) Yes, please

Answer: No, thank you.

Question 8.

We have rebels and it is –

(i) Very good

(ii) Not good

(iii) Enough

Answer: Very good.

Question 9.

To be a rebel oneself –

(i) Is not good

(ii) Is not very bad

(iii) Is not wicked

Answer: Is not good.

Question 10

What did Rebel let grow?

a.) Nails

b.) Hairs

c.) Height

d.) Weight

Answer:- b) Hairs

Question 11

What did Rebel express her Preference for?

a.) Dog

b.) Cat

c.) Kitten

d.) Mouse

Answer:- b) Cat

Question 12

Who wears uniform?

a.) Rebel

b.) Everyone

c.) People

d.) Schoolmate

Answer:- b) Everyone

Question 13

Does Rebel do what everyone does?

a.) Yes

b.) No

Answer:- b).No

Question 14

When does Rebel doesn’t say a word?

a.) When she doesn’t know anything

b.) When she is angry

c.) When everyone is silent during the lesson

d.) When everyone is talking during the lesson

Answer:-  d) When everyone is talking during the lesson

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