The Squirrel MCQ Questions with Answers Class 7 Poem 1

The Squirrel MCQ Questions with Answers Class 7 Poem 1

NCERT Class 7 Poem Chapter 1 The Squirrel MCQ Questions with Answers. The Squirrel Multiple Choice Questions.

Question 1.

The squirrel, for his tail, wore a –

(i) Question mark

(ii) Comma

(iii) Arrow mark

Answer: Question mark.

Question 2.

 The squirrel is –

(i) White coloured

(ii) Gray coloured

(iii) Black coloured

Answer: Gray coloured.

Question 3.

He was eating a –

(i) Fruit,

(ii) Fish

(iii) Nut

Answer: Nut.

Question 4.

He sat up –

(i) Straight

(ii) Bended

(iii) Indirectly

Answer: Straight.

Question 5.

He liked to

(i) Eat

(ii) Jump

(iii) Play and tease

Answer: Play and Tease.

Question 6.

If we ran around his tree, he –

(i) Went the other way

(ii) Came towards us

(iii) Tried to cover him up with leaves

Answer: Went the other way.

Question 7.

The squirrel liked to these –

(i) His friends

(ii) Us

(iii) Other animal

Answer: Us.

Question 8.

Squirrel is a –

(i) Agile

(ii) Clumsy

(iii)  Inactive animal

Answer: Agile.

Question 9

He wore a question mark for tail, who is he in the sentence?

a.) Cat

b.) Kitten

c.) Squirrel

d.) Rabbit

Answer:- c) Squirrel

Question 10

What did Squirrel look like?

a.) Red velvet

b.) Overcoat of gray

c.) Both a and b

d.) None of above

Answer:- b) overcoat of gray

Question 11

What did Squirrel eat?

a.) Apple

b.) Grass

c.) Nuts

d.) Seeds

Answer:- c) nuts

Question 12

What did Squirrel like?

a.) Jump

b.) Tease and play

c.) Eat

d.) Run everything

Answer :- b) Tease and play

Question 13

If we move towards Squirrels tree, what will happen?

a.) He will go other way

b.) Afraid

c.) Frighten

d.) Laugh

Answer:- a) he will go other way

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