Scandium – Learn all details regarding Scandium in Periodic Table i.e. Atomic Mass, Number, Physical, Chemical properties, Electronic configuration, Valency, Chemical reaction, Uses


Scandium is 1 st transition metal It is occurs in very small amount in earth crust . It is found rarely .it also called as rare earth metal . It is soft in nature . It is light in weight but strong element

Discovery :

scandium is discovered in 1879 by fredric Nilson

Origin of name :. Scandium word is originated from the latin word Scandinavia

Physical properties :

1) Atomic symbol : atomic symbol of scandium is Sc

2) Atomic number :

scandium show atomic number is 21 In scandium 21 proton and 21 electron is present

3) Atomic weight/ mass:

atomic weight of scandium is 44 .95

In scandium 21 proton and 23 neutron is present

4) Position : it is place in 3rd column ( group) and 4th row ( period) It is 1 st element in 3 column

5) Block : it is place in d block Its outer shell electron occupy d shell

6) Colour : it show silvery white colour In air it change colour change form white to yellow

7) Nature : it is present in solid nature

8) Boiling point : boiling point of scandium is 2836 C

9) Melting point : melting point of scandium is 1541 C

10) Isotopes: Scandium show only 1 stable isotope. 45Sc: atomic weight is 44.9 and it is present 100% in nature It also show 36. Radio active isotopes .

Chemical properties :

1) Electronic configuration

Electronic configuration of scandium is 1S 2 2S2 2P 6 3S2 3P6 4S2 3d1

Electronic configuration in concert of shell is 2,8,9,2

2) Electronic structure

3) Valency : scandium show 3 valency Outer shell 3 electron is easily loose and form compound hence valency of scandium is 3

4) Atomic radius : Atomic radius of scandium is 87 pm • Uses:

1) Its metal halide in lamps or light bulb .

2) It is use in electronics i.e. Lighting, laser

3) It is use in Russian aircraft

4) It is use to finishing rod , bicycle frame , handles

5) Scandium iodide mixture use in mercury vapour lamp 6) It is use in Tv for night time


Question and Answer:

Q1. Define Scandium

Q2. Who discovered Scandium?

Q2. Physical properties of Scandium

Q4. Write Atomic Symbol of Scandium.

Q5. Write the Atomic number of Scandium.

Q6. On which block Scandium element is present?

Q7. What is the color of Scandium?

Q8. What is the Boiling point of Scandium?

Q9. What is the Melting point of Scandium?

Q10. Write the Isotopes of Scandium.

Q11. Show Electronic configuration of Scandium.

Q12. Write Electronic Structure of Scandium.

Q13. What is the Valency of Scandium?

Q14. Write the uses of Scandium element.

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