Meadow Surprises MCQ Questions

Meadow Surprises MCQ Questions with Answers Class 7 Poem 8

NCERT Class 7 Poem Chapter 8 Meadow Surprises MCQ Questions with Answers. Meadow Surprises Multiple Choice Questions.

Question 1.

The meadows walk very –

(i) Softly

(ii) Forte

(iii) Slowly

Answer: Softly.

Question 2.

Meadows walk through –

(i) Valley

(ii) Velvet grass

(iii) River bank

Answer: Velvet grass.

Question 3.

Meadows listen by the –

(i) Brook

(ii) Trees

(iii) Delves

Answer: Brook.

Question 4.

You may see a butterfly, rest upon a –

(i) Hill

(ii) Buttercup

(iii) Valley

Answer: Buttercup.

Question 5.

The ‘drinking straws’ refer to butterfly’s –

(i) Wings

(i) Sting

(iii) Eyes

Answer: Sting.

Question 6.

Butterflies usually feed –

(i) Nectar

(ii) Insects

(iii) Leaves

Answer: Nectar.

Question 7.

Butterflies unfold its drinking straws to –

(i) Sip the nectar up

(ii) Blow with the wind

(iii) Sleep

Answer: Sip the nectar up.

Question 8.

The rabbit will hops –

(i) If one may not see him and walks towards him

(ii) To harm one who walks towards him

(iii) To hide in a place

Answer: If one may not see him and walks towards him.

Question 9.

The head of a dandelion is –

(i) Fuzzy

(ii) Colorless

(iii) Lucid

Answer: Fuzzy.

Question 10.

The fuzzy head of a dandelion has turned to –

(i) Airy parachutes

(ii) Colorless

(iii) Dime

Answer: Airy parachutes.

Question 11.

If you listen calmly and look well to the meadows you may –

(i) Feel the pleasant atmosphere

(ii) Unfolds many secrets about plants

(iii) Discover these surprises of the meadows

Answer: Discover these surprises of the meadows.

Question 12.

The creatures which refer in this poem are –

(i) Butterfly, rabbit, ant

(ii) Horse, rat, rabbit

(iii) Ant, crow, cat

Answer:  Butterfly, rabbit, ant.

Question 13.

Ants live in –

(i) Burrows

(ii) Mounds

(iii) Underground

Answer: Mounds

Question 14.

‘Meadow surprises’ means –

(i) All the exciting things of the nature

(ii) The trees of various kinds

(iii) The creatures of various kinds

Answer: All the exciting things of the nature.

Question 15

What does meadow has?

a.) Invention

b.) Surprises

c.) Gifts

d.) Blooming

Answer:- b) Surprises

Question 15

Who has surprises?

a.) Poet

b.) Human

c.) Meadow

d.) Weather

Answer:- c) meadow

Question 16

Poet is asking to walk softly on?

a.) Mountain

b.) Lawn

c.) Floor

d.) Velvet grass

Answer:- d) velvet grass

Question 17

Where is butterfly resting?

a.) Grass

b.) Leaf

c.) Water

d.) Buttercup

Answer:- d) buttercup

Question 18

What is butterfly doing?

a.) Flying

b.) Drinking water

c.) Sipping nectar

d.) All of above

Answer :- c) Sipping nectar

Question 19

Who is hoping?

a.) Horse

b.) Rabbit

c.) Butterfly

d.) Squirrel

Answer:- b) Rabbit

Question 20

When do you notice Rabbit?

a.) Hiding behind the tree

b.) Running on lawn

c.) Hopping

d.) Creating noise

Answer:- c) hopping

Question 21

What had turned to airy parachutes?

a.) Dandelion

b.) Butterfly

c.) Rabbit

d.) Fly

Answer:- a) dandelion

Question 22

Explore the meadow houses, The ______ in the ground, Fill in the blank

a.) Grass

b.) Burrows

c.) Rabbit

d.) Roots

Answer :- b) burrows

Question 23

Who has many things to tell?

a.) Poet

b.) Meadow

c.) Butterfly

d.) People

Answer:- b) Meadow

Question 24

What wonderful things are discovered?

a.) Rabbit hopping

b.) Butterfly Sipping nectar

c.) Dandelion turned to airy parachutes

d.) All of above

Answer:– d) all of above

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