Garden Snake MCQ Questions

Garden Snake MCQ Questions with Answers Class 7 Poem 9

NCERT Class 7 Poem Chapter 9 Garden Snake MCQ Questions with Answers. Garden Snake Multiple Choice Questions.

Question 1.

The speaker ran away because he saw –

(i) A Snake

(ii) Dog

(iii) Wild cat


Question 2.

The speaker ran away to saw the snake because –

(i) He did not like them

(ii) He knows that snakes are very dangerous

(iii) It looks very frightful

Answer: He knows that snakes are very dangerous.

Question 3.

His mother says to him about the snake that –

(i) This kind of snake is good

(ii) He should stay away from this kind of creature

(iii) It is dangerous for us

Answer: This kind of snake is good.

Question 4.

His mother says these kind of good snakes eat –

(i) Grass

(ii) Minor creatures

(iii) Insects

Answer: Insects.

Question 5.

When the snake wiggles in the grass the speaker –

(i) Stand aside and watch him to pass

(ii) Hide behind the tree

(iii) Run away to his room

Answer: Stand aside and watch him to pass.

Question 6.

While the speaker watch the snake pass through the grass, he tell himself –

(i) There’s no mistake, it is just a harmless garden snake

(ii) Don’t fear it’s not harmful dear

(iii) Do not go near to the snake, it can be very harmful

Answer: There’s no mistake, it is just a harmless garden snake.

Question 7.

A snake moves in a –

(i) Straight way

(ii) Direct way

(iii) Serpentine way

Answer: Serpentine way.

Question 8.

To see the snake, the speaker is got –

(i) Anxious

(ii) Furious

(iii) Happy

Answer: Furious.

Question 9.

What did poet (child) saw?

a.) Rabbit

b.) Snake

c.) Lizard

d.) Fly

Answer:- b) snake

Question 10

Why did poet(child) ran away?

a.) Poet was in hurry to go home

b.) Poet wanted to go home fast

c.) Poet saw snake

d.) Poet went garden

Answer:- c) poe5 saw snake

Question 11

Who is dangerous?

a.) Lizard

b.) Rabbit

c.) Snake

d.) Cobra

Answer :- c) snake

Question 12

Who said snakes are good?

a.) Father

b.) Mother

c.) People

d.) Child

Answer :- b) mother

Question 13

What does snake eat?

a.) Insects

b.) Vegetables

c.) Fruits

d.) Leaves

Answer:- a) insects

Question 14

when snake wiggles in the grass, what poet will do?

a.) Ran away

b.) Stand aside and watch snake

c.) Stand quietly

d.) Sit quietly

Answer :- b) Stand aside and watch snake

Question 15

Who is harmless?

a.) Lizard

b.) Humans

c.) Garden Snake

d.) Fly

Answer:- c) garden snake

Question 16

Why poet was afraid of snake earlier?

a.) People said snake is dangerous

b.) Earlier poet didn’t like snakes

c.) Poet’s mother said it was dangerous

d.) None of above

Answer :- a) people said snake is dangerous

Question 17

How did poet’s mind changed about snakes?

a.) His father said snakes are good

b.) He saw snake is not harming anyone

c.) His mother said snakes are good

d.) All of above

Answer :- c) his mother said snakes are good

Question 18

But mother says that kind is good, about whom mother is talking?

a.) Rabbit

b.) People

c.) Child

d.) Snake

Answer:- d) snake

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