One day Purva listening music on mobile. She start the music player in mobile and kept mobile on table. After some time she off the music player and taking mobile in hand. After taking mobile in hand Purva realised there some iron materials was mounted on speaker. Then Purva goes to the mother and ask, ” why did this happen?” Then mother explained that it all happened due to Magnet. Then she again asked to mother what is mean by magnet? Then she said,” an object which attract certain metal mainly iron is Magnet“.


Make a tight seal on the doors to refrigerators and freezers magnet is used and also it is used in compass to find the direction.

History of magnet :

It is said that, the discovery of magnet which involves Greek shepherd who’s name was Magnus. One day Magnus was herding his sheeps in garden area name magnesia. There is one stick in his hand for Sheeps. After some time he was tired and sit on a black rock for rest. When he sitting on a roak, he seen that metal of a stick attracted toward rock and he got surprised and said, “what is this? Why metal of stick attracted toward a rock. Then he started digging stone and he discovered that earth was magnetite by magnetic materials. The substance has since been given the named after the Magnesia that is Magnet.


Q1 When was the Magnet invented?

Ans : In 1600 magnet was invented.

Q2 what did you know about magnet?

Ans : when metal attracted toward a object is called magnet.

Q3 which metals are attracted by magnet?

Ans : Iron, Cobalt and Nickel these metals are attracted towards magnet.

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