KSEEB Solution Class 9 English Third Language Poem Unit 1 Kindness To Animal Question Answers

KSEEB Solution Class 9 English Third Language – Kindness To Animal

Class Nine (9)
Subject English
Language 3rd Language
Chapter 1
Chapter Name Kindness To Animal

Kindness To Animal Class 9 English Karnataka Board Kannada






C1.) Answer the following questions in a word, a phrase or in a sentence each.


1.) What are the ‘‘things that feel and live?’’

Answer: Things that feel and live are humans and animals and plants or trees.


2.) Where does the little hare lie?

Answer: The little hare lie in the green grass.


3.) We call the hare a timid animal because ………………… (complete )

Answer: It runs away if someone tries to catch it.


4.) Where does the lark fly?

Answer: The lark fly to the bright windows of the sky.


5.) The lark sings happily during …………………(winter, summer, spring) . choose the right answer.

Answer: The lark sings happily during spring.


6.) The speaker in this poem is …………………( the poet, the hare, the lark)

Answer: The speaker in this poem isthe poet.


C2.) Answer the following questions in three to four sentences each :


1.) How does robin repay the children?

Answer: Robin repay the children with song.


2.) What advice does the poet give to the children?

Answer: The poet advices the children that they should never hurt the timid hare which peeping from green grassy lair and let it come and play and let the lark sing like there always spring. Never do anything wrong to these gentle creatures.


C3.) Match the animals in column ‘B’ with their qualities in column ‘A’ and rewrite them in column ‘C’.

Timid Lion Timid hare
Cunning Hare Cunning fox
Ferocious Snake Ferocious Lion
Naughty Fox Naughty Monkey
Poisonous Monkey Poisonous Snake
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