Haryana SCERT Class 4 English Chapter 8 Run Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 4 English Chapter 8 Solution – Run. Here in this post we provides Class 4 English Run Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class IV Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 4 English Chapter 8 Run Solution:


Answer the following questions.

1) What does the poet suggest us in the first stanza?

Ans: – The poet suggest us in the first stanza that the reader is away from the city so he should run as its raining.

2) Where does the poet tell us to run in the second stanza?

Ans: – The poet tells us to run in the neath of the tree in the second stanza.

3) List the places where the poet wants us to go.

Ans: – The poet wants to hill side, to the lane, to the meadow in different country.

4) What message does the poet give us in the last stanza?

Ans: – The poet gave us the message that to be merry and goes in various country.


Read the name of things given in the Help Box and write them in the appropriate columns. Some of these things can be used for more than one season. One has been done for you.

gloves ;coat ;sweater ;jacket ;umbrella;

shorts ;sunglasses; sandals ;quilt ;shoes;

muffler ;raincoat ;swimsuit ;cap; tracksuit;

Summer season Winter season Rainy season
Shorts gloves Umbrella
swimsuit coat Raincoat
cap Sweater, muffler  
Sunglasses Shoes, jacket  
sandals tracksuit  



Read the following sentences and put the sign of exclamation (!) and sign of interrogation (?) and full stop (.)  wherever necessary.

1) Is it winter season (?)

2)  Alas I have lost my book (!)

3)  How old are you (?)

4)  Bravo you have done well (.)

5) Are you coming home today (?)

6)  What a beautiful doll (?)

7) What a nice painting (!)

8)  Is it a holiday today (?)

9) May I take your pen (?)

10)  O lovely pussy (!)

Look at the pictures and complete the given sentences. You may use the prepositions given in the Help Box.

Into; with;near; through; in ;from

To; behind; under ;across; on;

1)  Three men are passing ____through________ the forest.

2)  Look! Peacock is dancing ____in________ the garden.

3) The pup is playing ___with_________ a dog.

4) A rat is running ____into________ a hole.

5) A car is standing ___on________ the bridge.

6) The Spiderman is jumping ____from________ the top of the building _to___________ the ground.

7)  The tailor is putting the thread ____across________ the needle.

8) The school is ______near______ the temple.

9) The children are playing __under__________ the tree.

10) The dog is swimming ____in________ the river.


I) Write five sentences about Dos and Don’ts for road safety. One has been done for you.

Ans: –

Dos Don’t
Follow the traffic rule Do not play on the road
Stops when it signal is red. Don’t break traffic signal.
Go when signal is green. Don’t bother with traffic police.
Follow the zebra crossing while passing through road. Don’t stretch hand while traveling in car.
Look every side of the road before crossing Don’t cross road with gossiping with friends.

 II) Write some sentences on your favourite game.

Ans: – My favourite game is football. It is a very interesting game. Me and my friend play football every day. It is hardworking game. If we play this game everyday our health would be benefited.

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