Haryana SCERT Class 4 English Chapter 7 Kings Midas and his Daughter Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 4 English Chapter 7 Solution – Kings Midas and his Daughter. Here in this post we provides Class 4 English Kings Midas and his Daughter Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class IV Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 4 English Chapter 7 Kings Midas and his Daughter Solution:


Match the group of words in A with those in B to make meaningful sentences.

Ans: –

Column A Column B
King Midas was A very greedy man
He once got A strange gift
Whatever he touch Turned into a statue of gold
Daughter of King Midas Turned into gold
Soon the king realise His mistake


Answer the following questions.

1) What did King Midas love very much?

Ans: – King Midas love very much two things one his daughter and gold.

2) Who came to the king’s palace?

Ans: – A strange man came to King’s palace.

3) Why was King Midas an unhappy man?

Ans: – King Midas was unhappy because anything he touches become gold.

4) What gift did the stranger give to the king?

Ans: – The stranger gift a power to king that anything he touched would be gold statue.

5) What happened when the king touched anything?

Ans: – When the King touched anything it becomes gold.

6) Why did King Midas thank the stranger again at the end?

Ans: – The stranger man gave the way how the king becomes get rid of problem as he touched everything turned into gold.


I) Match words with their meanings.

Ans: –

Word Meaning
Gift Present
Folly Fault
Fetch Bring
Pleased Happy
vase A container


Match the words in A with their opposites in B.

Ans: –

A B (Opposite)
Up Down
sad happy
Kind cruel
Day night
More less
Quickly slowly
love hate
lost Found


II) Write words associated with ‘King.’ One has been done for you.

Ans: –


Fill in the blanks with the prepositions given below.at; of;on; into; from; to;with ;in

1)  The chair is made _____of____ wood.

2) Everything turned ____into_____ gold.

3)  A strange man came ____to_____ the king’s palace.

4) The king brought water ______from___ the river.

5)  I get up _at________ 6 o’ clock daily.

6)  My daughter will come ___on______ Monday.

7) The jug is filled __with_______ water.

8)  I study ___in______ class 4.

Circle verbs in the first paragraph of the story and use any 5 of them to make your own sentences.

Ans: – Turned: – Everything turned into sour.

Came: – He came from USA.

Realise: – He realized his mistake.

Gave: – He gave his pen to me.

Love: – He loved his mother very much.

III) Read the following sentences and complete the table given below. One has been done.

1) I fly a kite.

2)  My grandmother reads the Geeta.

3) My mother cooks food.

4)  I like fruit.

5)  I am writing a letter

6) The teacher is teaching English.

7) They are playing kho-kho.

8) We sing songs.

9)  The gardener is watering the plants.

10) My father bought a new car.

Ans: –

Subject Verb Object
I fly A kit
My grandmother reads The Geeta
My mother Cooks food
I like fruit
I Am writing A letter
The teacher Is teaching English
They Are playing Kho kho
we sing song
The gardener Is watering The plants
My father bought A new car


 Fill in the blanks with ‘and’ or ‘but’.

1) I like to eat bread ___with_________ butter in breakfast.

2) My younger sister likes milk ___but_________ not coffee.

3) My teacher is punctual __and__________ hard working.

4) I bought pencils, an eraser ___and_____ some note books yesterday.

5)  The dog in black __with__________ white colour is barking at me.

6) I like swimming _____with_______ my brother doesn’t.

7)  She is poor ___but_________ honest.

8)  It is snowing ___but_________ it is not cold.

9) He wants to see the film _____but_______ he has no money.

10) He has a car, a scooter ____and________ a bicycle.


If you find a magic pencil, what would you ask the pencil to do for you?You may begin as below.

 Ans: – I would ask it to complete my homework.

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