Daybreak Question Answer West Bengal Board Class 11

Daybreak Question Answer

Hello Students we (Net Explanations) provides here Daybreak Class 11 Question Answer. All Question Answer from here, made by our Experienced English Teacher.

Want to get good marks in West Bengal Class 11 English Exam? If Yes, then must be read textbook several times. Remember English is a vital subject. And its a common subject for all Science / Arts / Commerce stream. Students have to know each and every topic.

We created below Questions and Answer after read the textbook. We here tried to make Question from each line of textbook. Hope it will help you!

(1) Who composed the poem ‘Daybreak ‘?

(2) What is the full name of the composer of the poem ‘Daybreak ‘ ?

(3) Who is Henry Longfellow ?

(4) How is the poem ‘Daybreak’ formed ?

(5) How does Longfellow trace the journey ?

(6) Who does speak in the poem ?

(7) “Sail on” , who said this and to whom ?

(8) What did the wind say to the Mariners ?

(9) What did thewind say to the wood bird ?

(10) What did the wind ask to the belfry tower ?

(11) What does the ‘belfry tower ‘ mean in the poem , ‘Daybreak ‘?

(12) “make room for me “- who said this and to whom ?

(13) “Awake ! It is the day ,” who said this ?

(14) Who did cross the Churchyard ?

(15) “Hang all your leafy banners out”, who said this and to whom ?

(16) “O bird awake and sing”, – who said this and to whom ?

(17) Who is chanticleer ?

(18) Write down any four pairs of the rhyming words from the poem ‘Daybreak’ ?

(19) What did the forest display ?

(20)  Which type of the poem day break is?


(1) Henry Wardsworth composed the poem ,’Daybreak’.

(2) Henry Wardsworth Longfellow is the full name of the composer of the poem , ‘Daybreak’.

(3) Henry Longfellow is an American writer from nineteenth century . He is well known for lyrical poem .

(4) The poem ‘Daybreak ‘ is written in the rhyming couplets , continuing for nine lines .

(5) Longfellow traces the journey of the wind as it passes our Land and ocean , ushering in fresh lively activities with Daybreak .

(6) A wind that comes up speaks in the poem.

(7) The wind said this to the Mariners.

(8) The wind said the Mariners that the night is gone.

(9) The wind said the wood bird to wake up and sing.

(10) The wind asked the belfry tower to proclaim that the arrival of the dawn by ringing it’s bell.

(11) In H. W. Longfellow’s poem ’Daybreak’, the belfry tower means a high church tower where the bells are hanged for ringing .

(12) “make room for me “, the wind said this to the mists .

(13) In the poem ‘Daybreak’, the wind said this .

(14) The wind crossed the Churchyard .

(15) The wind said this to the forest .

(16) The wind said this to the birds of the forest.

(17) Chanticleer is a rooster that announces the arrival of the dawn with it’s crowning .

(18) (1) sea- me  (2) on – gone  (3) away -day  (4) wing – sing

(19) The forest displayed it’s leafy banners out .

(20) The poem ,’Daybreak ‘ is basically a nature poem.

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