Reach for the Top MCQ Questions Class 9 English Chapter 8

Reach for the Top MCQ Questions Class 9 English Chapter 8

NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 9 English Chapter 8 Reach for the Top. Reach for the Top MCQ Questions with Answers from Class 9 English Beehive.

Reach for the Top MCQ Questions Class 9 English Chapter 8

Reach for the Top Multiple Choice Questions with Answers Class 9 English Chapter 8 PDF is available.

Part I Santosh Yadav MCQ Questions and Answers

Question 1:

—— is the first woman of the world to climb Mount Everest twice.

(a) Kalpana Chawla

(b) Santash Kumar

(c) Santosh Yadav

(d) Maria Saraprova


Santosh Yadav.

Question 2:

Santosh Yadav climbed Mount Everest —— time

(a) 1 time

(b) 3 times

(c) 2 times

(d) 4 times


(c) 2 times.

Question 3:

Santosh was the —- child of the family.

(a) First

(b) Sixth

(c) Second

(d) Fifth


(b) Sixth.

Question 4:

Santosh had —- brothers/sisters.

(a) Five brothers

(b) Four sisters

(c) Two Brothers and 1 sister

(d) Four brothers


(a) Five brothers.

Question 5:

Santosh was born in a small village named

(a) Joniya

(b) Simoli

(c) Jiniya

(d) Darbhanga


(a) Joniya.

Question 6:

Rewari district is situated in

(a) Telangana

(b) Bihar

(c) Haryana

(d) M.P


(c) Haryana.

Question 7:

The meaning of Santosh is

(a) Peace

(b) Aspiration

(c) Girl

(d) Contentment


(d) Contentment.

Question 8:

Santosh preferred to wear

(a) Saree

(b) Shorts

(c) Ghagra Choli

(d) Salwar


(b) Shorts.

Question 9:

The marital age of that society was

(a) Fifteen

(b) Twelve

(c) Sixteen

(d) Eighteen


(c) Sixteen.

Question 10:

Santosh was sent to the school of

(a) Rewari

(b) Patna

(c) New Delhi

(d) Mumbai


(a) Rewari.

Question 11:

At the age of sixteen Santosh enrolled herself in the school of

(a) Haryana

(b) Delhi

(c) M.P

(d) Patna


(b) Delhi.

Question 12:

—– was the option on her mind.

(a) Sports

(b) Study

(c) Job

(d) Marriage


(d) Marriage.

Question 13:

After completing her high school study Santosh went to

(a) Jajpur


(c) Jaipur

(d) New Delhi


(c) Jaipur.

Question 14:

Santosh took admission in —– college

(a) Leelabati

(b) Maharani

(c) Ashutosh

(d) Maharaja


(b) Maharani.

Question 15:

Santosh’s Kasturba Hostel faced —–

(a) Aravalli Hills

(b) Bindhya

(c) Arabian Sea

(d) Himalaya


(a) Aravalli Hills.

Question 16:

Santosh had joined Nehru Institute of Mountaineering at

(a) Uttar Kashi

(b) Darjeeling

(c) Uttarakhand

(d) Himachal Pradesh


(a) Uttar Kashi.

Question 17:

Santosh was supposed to be in Uttarkashi after completing her semester on

(a) 21st May

(b) 19th April

(c) 21 April

(d) 20th May


(a) 21st May.

Question 18:

At the age of —- Santosh Yadav scaled Mt. Everest for the first time.

(a) Sixteen

(b) Fifteen

(c) Twenty

(d) Thirty


(c) Twenty.

Question 19:

Santosh Yadav scaled Mt. Everest first time in the year

(a) 1992

(b) 1993

(c) 1990

(d) 1991


(a) 1992.

Question 20:

During the 1992 expedition Santosh successful saved her fellow climber

(a) Manoj Tamang

(b) Mohan Sing

(c) South Col

(d) Rakesh Sharma


(b) Mohan Sing.

Question 21:

Santosh was bestowed with the nation’s one of the top honours,

(a) Bharat Ratna

(b) Padma Bibhushan

(c) Padma Bhushan

(d) Padma Shri


(d) Padma Shri.

Question 22:

Santosh being a member of Indo —- woman’s expedition scaled the Mt. Everest second time.

(a) Afghanistan

(b) Bhutan

(c) Nepalese

(d) Chinese


(c) Nepalese.

Question 23:

As a fervent environmentalist Santosh collection and brought down —— of garbage from the Himalayas.

(a) 1 kg

(b) 500kg

(c) 750 gm

(d) 50 gm


(b) 500 kg.

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