Chhattisgarh State Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 8 Solution

CG SCERT Chhattisgarh State Board Class 6 Social Science (History) Chapter 8 Foreign Trade and Contacts Exercises Questions and Answers.

1) Sushrutha Samhita has ______ information.

Ans: – medical

2) Coins were moulded in _____.

Ans: – copper and silver pieces

3) _____is situated in the north west of India.

Ans: – Gandhara

4) For identification companies put a _____ on the goods manufactured by them.

Ans: – label

(II) Give answer in one sentence:

(1) Which route was taken by Indian traders to take their goods to Alexandria?

Ans: – Indian traders usually took the sea route to take their goods Alexandria.

(2) Name the famous king of the Kushans?.

Ans: – Kanishka was the famous king of the Kushans

(3) With which countries did India have trade relations?

Ans: – Indian had trade relations with China, Japan, America, Africa, Europe, Afghanistan, Iran.

(4) Name the spices grown in India?

Ans: – Pepper, cardamom, cinnamon etc are grown in India.

(III) Answer the questions:

(1) What is the ‘Silk route’?

Ans: – There was a route from China to the Mediterranean sea across central Asia. This route was used for trading the silk of China. Therefore it was called the silk route.

(2) Besides conducting their business, what other works were done by the traders?

Ans: – Besides conducting their business, the traders would construct huge houses and temples for their gods by their earned money. They also gave donations for Buddhist stupas and monasteries too.

(3) Name the things which were in great demand in foreign countries at that time. Name the things which were in great demand in foreign countries at that time.

Ans: – silk fabric, sandal wood, ornaments made of precious stones, ivory, peacocks, monkeys etc. were in great demand in foreign countries at that time.

(4) What are the specialties of sculptures of the Gandhara School?

Ans: – These sculpture have numerous folds in the dresses which is typical of the Greek style. That is the speciality of the sculptures of the Gandhara School.

(5) Give examples of the influence of Indian religion and philosophy on the South East Asian countries.

Ans: – The Buddhist monks and followers, who had gone to South East Asia, left a great impact on the religion and philosophy of the people. Temples were constructed in the south eastern countries like the grand temples in India – for example Ankorvat, temple of Cambodia and the Buddhist is very popular In Indonesia.

(6) Why were coins made?

Ans: – Coins were mode for trading. Coins were very important in trading.

(7) Why were the traders called ‘Shetty’?

Ans: – At the time of Ashoka there were big businessmen Shetty mean rich. That is why the traders were called shetty.

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