Chhattisgarh State Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 9 Solution

CG SCERT Chhattisgarh State Board Class 6 Social Science (History) Chapter 9 The Gupta Age Exercises Questions and Answers.

(I) Match the following:-

(II) Answer the question:-

(1) Who wrote Panchatantra?

Ans: – Vishnusharma wrote Panchatantra

(2) What is the name of the book of Aryabhatta?

Ans: – Aryabhattiyam is the book of Aryabhatta

(3) What are Ajanta caves famous for?

Ans: – There are beautiful murals in the Ajanta caves depicting scenes from the life of Buddha. They have been done carefully that even today they look real. So that Ajanta caves are famous.

(4) What material is the temple at Bhitargaon made of?

Ans: – The temple of Bhitargaon is made of bricks

(5) Who said that the earth is not stationary, it rotates on its axis?

Ans: – Aryabhatta said that the earth is not stationary rotates on its axis.

(6) How did Samudragupta treat the kings of Chhattisgarh?

Ans: – The kings of Chattisgarh were defeated by Samudragupta. Samudragupta took yearly tribute from the and later returned this kingdom to the king.

(7) What were the characteristics of administration in Gupta empire?

Ans: – The administration was done by local people  and the king gave orders only on important issues. A council of village elders administrated the village. This way local people played important roles in administration during the Gupta age.

(8) Which things did you like about the society in Gupta age?

Ans: – From the writings of Fa hien we know a lot about the society of Gupta age. The people were rich and happy. They did not have to pay much land revenue and did not drink wine. Buddhist monasteries were given fields along with houses, gardens formers and oxen. As well as there were no administrative restrictions.

(9) What features of religion in the Gupta age could be liked by the poor people?

Ans: – In the Gupta age expensive yojnas and religious rituals were being replaced by poojas, fastings and donations. This enabled poor people to take port in the religious activities.

(10) Which policy did Samudragupta adopt to have control over other kingdoms?

Ans: – Samudragupta defeated several rulers of Aryavarta, Aatvik state and Sakshinpatha. He fought and annexed the kingdoms. This way he became powerful king of a big empire and have control on those other kingdoms. But he returned the kingdoms to the rulers of the Dakshinpath after defeating them.

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