Chhattisgarh State Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 7 Solution

CG SCERT Chhattisgarh State Board Class 6 Social Science (History) Chapter 7 The Mauryan Dynasty and Ashoka Exercises Questions and Answers.

(II) Answer the questions:

(1) How did Chandragupta Maurya establish such a large empire?

Ans: – Chandragupta Maurya was a brave king. With Chanakaya’s help he defeated Ghanananda, the ruler of Magadha. Besides several northern and western states he defeated selucas Nikator – the general of Alexander and stopped the advancement of the Greek kings. Thus Chandragupta Maurya established such a large empire.

(2) Why did Ashoka take a vow that he would not go for war?

Ans: – Ashoka was not happy after winning the Kalinga war. As many soldiers were killed, thousands were wounded and several women and children were left helpers. All this made him feel that winning a was useless. So that he decided conquest. He adopted the policy of ‘dhamma’ to win the hearts of the people.

(3) What steps had Ashoka taken for proper administration in his empire?

Ans: – The large empire was divided into four provinces. Each province was placed under a governor called Kumara. There were several officers who would assist them in their work at the city and village level. They would collect taxes from formers, artisans, and would punish those who disobeyed the orders of the king. Besides them, there were other senior officers too who were called mahamatra. They would tour the entire kingdom and see to the administration. Ashoka himself would travel to interior villages to keep an eye on the work of the officers.

(4) What do you think about Ashoka’s ‘dhamma’?

Ans: – Ashoka’s dhamma had no gods or goddsses, nor were there any yojnas or fastings. No pooja etc. were necessary to follow dhamma. Actually the dreadful destruction, after the Kalinga had changed the thinking of Ashoka. He used to be very sad when he would see people talking, les, doing wrong deeds, using violence against animals, and clashing with each other in the name of religion. He felt that as the ruler it was his duty to show the right path to his people.

(5) In the map of India, mark the empire of Ashoka.

Ans: –

(6) How Ashoka used to reach the order of his state. Find out?

Ans: – He appointed special officers called, ‘dharmamahamaatra’ to interpret and implement royal state orders. Besides that his edicts were engraved on pillars and rocks set up in public all over his empire.

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