Chhattisgarh State Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 10 Solution

CG SCERT Chhattisgarh State Board Class 6 Social Science (History) Chapter 10 Age of Regional Kingdoms Exercises Questions and Answers.

(I) Fill in the blanks

1) _______ had started the art of constructing temples by cutting rocks.

Ans: – Mahendravarman

2) ______ was the main education centre of the Pallavas.

Ans: – Kanchi.

3) _____ Pallava king was a writer and a dramatist.

Ans: – Mahendravarman

4) Pulakesin II defeated ______ in war.

Ans: – Mahendravarman

5) Chalukya king Narsimhavaram had defeated _____ in war.

Ans: – Pulakesin II

(II) Answer the following questions:-

(1) How far had Harshvardhan’s empire

Ans: – Harshwardhan’s empire extended from Punjab to Orissa.

(2) What did Huien Tsang say about Indian society?

Ans: – The Chinese Buddhist scholar Huein Tsang Visited during Harsha’s reign. He wrote in detail about his experiences in India. He said that Buddhism in Indian society was not as popular as he had thought.

(3) Describe the religious activities of Harsha.

Ans: – Harsha was a worshipper of dhiva. He organized. Buddhist council at Kannauj. He organized the Prayag assemblies held every fourth year for religious discussions and debates. At these assamblies he gave donations to the learn scholars, orphans and the poor.

(4) With which countries did the Chalukyas have trade relations?

Ans: – The Chalukyas had trade relations with Iran, Arabic, ports of the Red sea and South East Asia.

(III) Write brief notes on

Aalvar and Nayanar

During the Pallava’s reign a group of people in South India felt that religion was the personal worship of gods like shiva or Vishnu. This ideology came to be known by the name of ‘Bhakti’. This movement was joined by the common people in large members. They wandered from place to place singing hymns of Shiva and Vishnu. The devotees of Vishnu were called ‘Aalvar’ and the devotes of Shiva were called ‘Nayanar’.

(2) Huien Tsang –

Huien Tsang was a chinese Buddhist scholar. He visited India in 630 A.D. during Harsha’s reign. He visited many Buddhist shines in different parts of India and studied the Buddhist literature. He was so fond of studies that he faced several hardships for this. He crossed mountains and deserts and come to India and studied at Nalanda. Nalanda University was a centre of Buddhist learning at the time of Harsha. Huien Tsang stayed for 5 years in India and when he returned he wrote in detail about his experiences in India. He said that Buddhism in India was not as popular as he had thought. Huien Tsang travelled to Chhattisgarh too.

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