Bepin Chaudhary’s Lapse of Memory Extra Questions

NCERT Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 4 Bepin Chaudhary’s Lapse of Memory Extra Questions and Answers

Bepin Chaudhary’s Lapse of Memory Extra Questions Class 8 English Honeydew Textbook Chapter 4.

(1) Describe Bepin Babu’s character.

Ans. Bepin Babu was an introvert. He was not a good mixture. He had few friends and didn’y like spending time in idle chat.

(2) In one sentence describe Bepin Babu’s appearance.

Ans. Round faced, meek looking man.

(3) How did he (Bepin Babu) cut his right knee?

Ans. According to Parimal Ghosh Bepin Babu had a fall in Hudroo and cut his right knee.

(4) How was he (Bepin Babu) in his profession?

Ans. He had a reputation for being a tireless, conscientious worker.

(5) Who were there in Bepin Babu’s family?

Ans. He lived alone in his house. He had no children and his wife died.

(6) Why Chunilal used to come to Bepin Babu?

Ans. Chunilal used to come to Bepin Babu because he needed some help from him.

(7) Who was the doctor Bepin Babu came to?

Ans. Bepin Babu came to Poresh Chanda.

Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory Extra Questions and Answers MCQ Type

Question 1.

Bepin Choudhury buy books on –

(A) Every Monday

(B) Every Sunday

(C) Every Tuesday

(D) Every Friday

Answer: (A) Every Monday

Question 2.

Parimal ghosh arranged a car to take Bepin Babu to –

(A) Dhuadar falls

(B) Sabormati falls

(C) Dudhsagar falls

(D) Hudroo falls

Answer: (D) Hudroo falls

Question 3.

The man said that Bepin Babu had a cut on his –

(A) Right knee

(B) Left Knee

(C) Left Hands

(D) Head

Answer: (A) Right knee

Question 4.

The man talking about which time to Bepin Babu –

(A) October, 58

(B) November, 58

(C) January, 68

(D) December, 68

Answer: (A) October, 58

Question 5.

Bepin Babu Car was safely parked in –

(A) Bertram street

(B) Berhum street

(C) Washington street

(D) Kalichran Street

Answer: (A) Bertram street

Question 6.

Driver of Bepin Babu’s car –

(A) Ramcharan

(B) Parimal

(C) Kalichran

(D) Sitaram

Answer: (D) Sitaram.

Question 7.

Bepin Babu was working on –

(A) Big factory

(B) Field

(C) Book stall

(D) Office

Answer:  (D) Office

Question 8.

Dinesh Mukharji lived in –

(A) Beninandan street

(B) Netaji street

(C) Bertram Street

(D) Ranchi

Answer: (A) Beninandan street

Question 9.

Who found Bepin Babu lying unconscious –

(A) Two English men

(B) Two Gujarati men

(C) 3 Panjabi men

(D) 2 young girls

Answer: (B) Two Gujarati men


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Question 10.

The envelope was –

(A) Redish

(B) White

(C) Black

(D) Greenish

Answer: (D) Greenish

Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory Extra Questions and Answers Very Short & Short Type

Question 1.

Who wrote the story “Bepin Choudhury’s lapse of memory”?

Answer: Satyajit Roy wrote the story.

Question 2.

From where Bepin Babu used to buy books?


Bepin Choudhury would drop in at Kalicharan’s in New market to buy books.

Question 3.

Which Topics Bepin Babu would love to read?


Crime stories, Ghost stories and Thrillers’.

Question 4.

When did Bepin realised that someone is closely following him?


At Kalicharan’s, Bepin Babu had the feeling that someone was observing him.

Question 5.

Who was Parimal Ghosh?


Parimal Gosh was the man who observing Bepin Babu and the one who firstly told about Bepin’s Babu lost Memories.

Question 6.

According to Bepin Babu in 58 he was in?


Kanpur, at Haridas Bagchi’s place.

Question 7.

Name the cinema near Bertram Street?


Light house cinema.

Question 8.

Who was Chunibabu?


Chunibabu was Bepin Babu’s friend.

Question 9.

Name the Physician whom Bepin Babu had visited?


Paresh Chanda, a young physician.

Question 10.

Who did the prank and why?


Chunilal did the prank with Bepin Babu, On A Chunibabu need help and Bepin refused thats why Chunilal decide to prank on him.

 Question 11.

How Bepin Babu to know that he is pranked?


At the end we come to know that Chunibabu wrote a letter to Bepin Babu and taken everything.

Question 12.

To get back his memory Bepin Babu visited which town?



Question 13.

Hudroo falls situated on which place?

Answer: Ranchi.

Question 14.

Which things about Bepin Babu matched with Parimal Ghosh description?


Firstly Parimal Ghosh told that Bepin Babu had a car on his right knee, secondly Bepin Babu preferred bawarchi made food instead of hotel or restaurant made food, Thirdly Bepin Babu live alone.

Question 15.

After the incident in book shop Bepin Babu told his driver to do what?


Told the driver to drive the car by Ganga.

Question 16.

What was written on the envelop?


Above the name it was written “Urgent and confidential.

Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory Extra Questions and Answers Long Type

Question 1.

Character sketch of Bepin Choudhury?


In Satyajit Roy’s story, Bepin Babu is a serious and hard working man, and a regular visitor of Kalicharan’s book shop. Love to read crime, thrillers and ghost stories.  He lived alone, was not a good mixer, he had a few friends, and didn’t like spending time in idle chat. He was keenly pranked by his friend Chunilal. Just because of Bepin Babu refused to help Chunilal when he truly need help.

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