Chhattisgarh Class 4 English Two Little Parrots Chapter Solution

Chhattisgarh Class 4 English Two Little Parrots Chapter Solution

CG Board Class 4 English Solution for Lesson 13 Two Little Parrots all Questions Answer. Two Little Parrots Class 4 English Solution Chhattisgarh Board.

Lesson 13 Two Little Parrots

II.) Read and write

1.) Where are the parrots sitting?

Answer:They are sitting on a tree .

2.) What are they talking about?

Answer:They are talking about you and me.

3.) Who are smiling at them?

Answer:Flowers smiling to them

4.) Why do they eat green and red chilies all the time?

Answer:They eat green chilies for their feather and red chilies for their beak all the time.


IV.) Let’s talk

1.) Do you want a parrot as a pet? Why?

Answer:Yes, because I like parrots


2.) Tell three things about parrots.


1.) They are a bird

2.) They are green in colour

3.) There beak is red.


3.) Have you seen parrots other than of green colour?



4.) Where have you seen them?

Answer: In the zoo


V.) Vocabulary

(A) Write the rhyming words :

tree                  free                  pea                   three                she                   we

eat                   meat                wheat              seat                  greet                sheet

time                 rhyme              prime               lime                 crime               slime

all                    wall                 call                   hall                  mall                 ball


(B) Fill in the blanks with suitable words :

(chillies, red, green, parrot, feathers)

I have a parrot. It is green in colour. Its feather are green too. It has a red beak. It likes to eat chillies.Once I say anything to Mitthu. It repeats itmany times.

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