Chhattisgarh Class 4 English Loving Grandfather Chapter Solution

Chhattisgarh Class 4 English Loving Grandfather Chapter Solution

CG Board Class 4 English Solution for Lesson 14 Loving Grandfather all Questions Answer. Loving Grandfather Class 4 English Solution Chhattisgarh Board.

Lesson 14 Loving Grandfather

II.) Read and write

Answer these questions

1.) What happened to grandpa?

Answer: Grandpa fell down and sprained his arm.

2.) What did grandpa love to do?

Answer: Grandpa loved to do his exercises.

3.) How did the children make their grandpa happy?

Answer: The children took grandpa took him out in fresh air.


IV.) Vocabulary

Arrange the letters to get meaningful words.

(a) itque- quite

(b) kwla- walk

(c) erxeseic- exercise

(d) ildchnre- children

(e) rpak- park


V.) Structures in context

Follow the structures and make five other sentences for each using the following verbs.

(walk, play, study, talk, read)

(i) Grandpa is sick and he keeps sleeping the whole day.

Grandpa likes to walk the whole day

Grandpa wants to play with you whole day

Grandpa studies the whole day

Grandpa talks tithe neighbours whole day

Grandpa reads newspaper whole day


(ii) He is lazy. Make him do some exercise everyday.

He is lazy , make him do some walk everyday

He is lazy make him play everyday

He is lazy make him study everyday

He is lazy make him talk everyday

He is lazy make him read everyday


VI.) Fun time

Look at the picture and answer the questions given below.

1.) Who are there in the picture?

Answer: Grandpa and his grandchild

2.) Imagine and write what the old man may be tellingthe boy?

Answer: He might be telling the boy a story or a fairy tale

3.) What are the other things that you see in the picture?

Answer: Tree, bed and moon

4.) Do you love to hear stories from your grandfather?

Answer: Yes

5.) Share a story that your grand-father has ever told you.

Answer: He once told me about a rabbit and a turtle’s story.

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