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1.) What is carnivores ?

Answer :- Carnivores are those organisms that eat mainly animal or meat of the animal.

2.) Give some example of carnivores.

Answer :- Cat, dog, lion, tiger.

3.) Do carnivores are important in food chain ?

Answer :- Yes, carnivores are important in food chain because every organism depend on each other for food.

4.) Can you differentiate between herbivore and carnivore ?

Answer :- Herbivores are plant eaters and carnivores are animal eaters.

5.) Which animals are herbivore and which are carnivore ?

Answer :- Herbivores are deer and rabbit where carnivores are lion and tiger.


Carnivores are those organisms that completely depend on animals and their meat for survival. That means carnivores generally eat herbivores. To get their food they hunt the animals and eat their meat.

These are important to maintain the food chain because carnivores eat herbivores and herbivores eat producers so absence of any factor will disturb the food chain. Example of carnivores are dog, cat, lion, tiger. Every organism is important for earth health.

Sr No.

Herbivores Carnivores



Plant eaters Animal eaters Plant and animal eaters
2 Cow, deer, elephant Lion, lizard

Dog, human beings

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