Questions and answers

1.) What are omnivores ?

Answer :- Omnivores are those who eat both animals and plants.

2.) Can you give some example of omnivores ?

Answer :-  Birds, insects, bears.

3.) Do humans are omnivores ?

Answer :- Yes, humans are omnivores.

4.) What is the difference between carnivore and omnivores ?

Answer :- Carnivores eat animal meat and omnivores eat both animals and plants.


Omnivores are the organisms which can eat both animals and plants. According to the need they can hunt the animals or they can eat plant parts. They can eat anything eggs, plants, producers, carnivores.

Examples of omnivores are Birds, insects and humans.

Activity 4 : Match the pairs

Column A

Column B

Produce food


Eat animal meat

Plant eater


Eat both animals and plants

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