Can u say childrens, What is the importance of our nose ? What we do by our nose ? We breath by our nose .Now , What is breathing ? Breathing is the action of respiration in which oxygen get from external atmosphere by our body and carbon dioxide is thrown out from the body with the help of our nose and mouth .

Can u all ever noticed, How we breath? We breath air , in and out manner .As we  get the oxygen inside the body and throw carbon dioxide outside the body .Taking of oxygen inside the body called inhale and throwing of carbon dioxide outside the body called exhale . Inhalation and exhalation always works one after another i.e every living organism first inhale then exhale and this process continues throughout the life of that living organism .

Now, What happen in the body when the process of Inhalation and exhalation takes place?

a) Inhalation :

1) It is the process of breathing ,in which the oxygen get inside the body .

2) The oxygen from outer atmosphere is inhale by nose then through trachea it enters into the lungs .

3) From lungs the oxygen goes all over body through blood .

4) While inhalation the diaphragm and lungs gets bulged .

b) Exhalation :

1) It is the process of breathing , in which the carbon dioxide is thrown outside the body .

2) The carbon dioxide present in lungs exhale out from body by trachea then through nose .

3) From blood the carbon dioxide comes towards lungs and through lungs it is exhaled out of body .

4) While exhalation the diaphragm and lungs gets compressed.

  • Question based on topic :

1) What is breathing?

2) What is inhalation?

3) What is exhalation?

4) Difference between inhalation and exhalation.

5) Which respiratory organs are essential for breathing?

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