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Maharashtra Question Bank Class 10 Solve the following subquestions Solution

SCERT Maharashtra Question Bank Pdf Solution Q.2.B) Solve the following subquestions. There in Pdf total 82 Solve the following subquestions. We have given full Solve in this page. Maharashtra Question Bank Class 10 Solve the following subquestions Solution 2) B) I) Solve the following questions Write a short note: Embryological evidences. Answer: Comparative study of […]

Asexual reproduction MCQs with Answers

Asexual reproduction (Unicellular and Multicellular organisms) MCQs Hello to all the students. Our today’s MCQs are on the topic “Asexual Reproduction”. As we know, all the living organisms that are present on the earth can reproduce and asexual reproduction is a type of reproduction in Unicellular and Multicellular. When a single individual or organism is […]


Petroleum Petroleum can be defined as mixture of hydrocarbon or also called as mineral oil or crude oil which is obtained from underground earth, is usually use to make the chemicals, plastic, petrol and other complex compounds. It is also called as black gold according to scientist. Properties of petroleum: Petroleum is basically a hydrocarbon […]


Coal Coal can be defined as the natural and non-renewable source also called as fossil fuel which is formed due to heating activity. It is made up of mainly carbon but also contains hydrogen, sulphur etc. Coal has many forms, therefore there are classification system for coal. Classification of coal: There are 3 types of […]

Water Pollution

Water pollution Pollution can be defined as the disturbance in the normal process of environment due to presence of contaminants, the environment get polluted called as pollution. There are basically 3 types of pollution such as water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution. Here we’re mainly concern with water pollution. Water pollution can be defined […]

Conservation of forest and wildlife

Conservation of forest and wildlife Conservation of forest and wild life can be defined as preservation and protection of wild life by providing optimum conditions which are essential for their life. The optimum conditions can be either natural or artificial, to save the life of endangered animals or plants. The wild life can be protected […]

Wildlife and it’s importance

In some of the previous chapters, we came to know different terms about science, in this context we will deal with one more interesting term that is sustainable management of natural resources. The meaning of this chapter is using natural resources maintaining balance of our ecosystem or environment. So let’s study the major facts about […]

Darwin evolution theory

The Darwin evolution theory emerges from macro-evolution. The name of the scientist was Charles Robert Darwin (12 February 1809- 19 April 1882). He proposed the theory natural selection. Darwin was naturalist, geologist and biologist. The Darwin wrote the book “The Origin of Species”. The two important rules by Darwin: A. Law of parcimony :It states […]