• What is respiration ?

Did u all ever notice why our heart beats very fast when we run or do any heavy activities ? Because we breath very fast while doing such activities and the action of breathing is known as respiration.

As we know every living organism eat ,move and do whatever they want but for doing such action each living organism needs special energy which help them to do activities. Can u all answer from where we get this energy ? We get this energy from food, as food contain energy that’s why , when we don’t eat food properly we feel tired .

But , Did we get the energy directly after eating food ? The answer is no. We don’t get energy  directly after eating food . For the conversation of food into energy there is a process which is known as respiration .The respiration takes palce in all living organism for getting energy from food .For respiration air(oxygen) is the essential component which is needed .

All living beings are made up of cell and each cell perfroms different function .Some cells perform the process of respiration .When the cell convert the food into energy is known as cellular respiration .All living beings perform the process of respiration.

There are two types of respiration takes place , aerobic and anaerobic respiration .

  • Types of respiration :

1) Aerobic respiration :

The aerobic respiration takes place in the cells of living organism in the presence of oxygen .The energy , carbon dioxide and water is form by the cell by breaking down the food with the help of oxygen . Multicellular organism (organism made from many cells) perform aerobic respiration .

  • Aerobic respirationGlucose + Oxygen = Energy + Carbon dioxide + Water

2)Anaerobic respiration :

The anaerobic respiration takes place in the cells of living organism in the absence of oxygen .The energy , carbon dioxide and alcohol is form by some  cells while by some cells energy and lactic acid is form by breaking down the food without the help of oxygen.  Multicellular and Unicellular organism (organism made from one cell) perform anaerobic respiration .

  • Anaerobic respiration – a) Food = Energy + Carbon dioxide + Alcohol

b) Food = Energy + Lactic acid


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