Telangana SCERT Class 8 Social Studies Solution Chapter-15 (Law and Justice – A Case Study)

Telangana SCERT Solution Class VIII (8) Social Studies Chapter-15 (Law and Justice – A Case Study)


Correct the false statements

1) An F.I.R. is filed in the court.



An F.I.R is filed in the police station.


2) Being arrested by the police is equal to being punished.



The police arrest in order for investigating not to give punishment.


3) A bail is given on the basis of sureties.




4) Supreme Court is the apex court in the country.




Describe in the following table what happened in Ravi’s case from its first hearing till the appeal in court



Role of witness

Punishment given

Requirement of Ravi’s presence

Magistrate Court At every hearing the evidence of two or more witnesses are heard and questioned. 4 years imprisonment Ravi’s presence is compulsory in every hearing.
Sessions Court Witnesses don’t  need attend 1 year imprisonment Ravi would have to be present in not more than one or two hearings.
High Court Witnesses don’t  need attend 1 year imprisonment Ravi’s presence is not required.


In the context of the differences between a criminal and a civil case, write a sentence each about (a) punishment and jail; b) government lawyers; c) filing FIR.



Criminal case

Civil case

Punishment and jail In criminal cases punishment normally  bea term in jail. In civil case, the punishment is in terms monetary compensation.
Government lawyers In criminal cases the accused is provided a government lawyer in case he can’t afford one. The accused has to pay for his /her own lawyer.
Filing FIR FIR is compulsory in criminal case as the case proceeds on the basis of FIR. In a civil case an FIR may not be filed. A case may be filed directly with the court of law


4) Can the Sessions or District court change the decision of a High Court? Why?


No the Sessions or District court  cannot change the decision of a High Court because session or district court are lower level courts  whereas High Court is the highest court in the state. High court can change the decision of Session or District courts not the other way around. Supreme court can change the decision of high court cause its highest level of court in the country.


5) If someone is not satisfied with the decision of a Session’s Court or a High Court, what can be done?


If someone is not satisfied with the decision of a Session’s Court or a High Court, he can appeal to the Supreme Court.


6) What are the differences between the role of the S.H.O. and the magistrate?


The difference are

Station House officer(S.H.O) is the head of the police station in a town or city when An FIR is filled in the police station his signatures are necessary to enter a complaint into the register of the police station. He investigate about the case but cannot give any judgement whereas the Magistrate has the judicial powers who administers the law after FIR is lodged into the police station and  police investigate about the complaint and summon the accused in front of judicial magistrate. The magistrate can take judgement and punish the guilty.


7) In your view, what should have been the verdict in Ravi’s case?


I appreciate the judgement in Ravi’s case because he was found guilty of his crimes and the punishment was in order to make Ravi learn and not to repeat the same mistakes.


8) A person confessed his crime at the police station and the police locked him in jail for 6 months. Is this the correct procedure? Explain your answer.


No this is not the correct procedure because police can’t make such decision it is upto the judiciary to decide if the accused person is guilty or not and what punishment is to be given. So the person should be handed over to the court for further prosecution.


9) How should be the behaviour of elders towards children? Give you suggestions for good behaviour to ensure child safety?


The behaviour of the elders should be gentle towards their kid because the kids future behaviour depend on the action and behavior of their environment. The suggestions are:

  • Elders shouldn’t give harsh punishment for small mistakes committed by the kid.
  • Elders should teach the kid what is right & wrong from an early age.
  • Elders should teach the kid to share every problem they are facing.
  • Elders shouldn’t follow any physical ways to make the kid understand.
  • Elders should try being calm and patient with kids and their childish behaviour.


10) Imagine a person is teasing you.Write a letter of complaint to the police stating all the particulars.



The S.H.O,

(locality)Police station,


Subject- Complaint regarding teasing.

Respected sir,

I, Sri xyz, son of xx, wish to inform you that on (date) at (location) a few group of people started teasing me on the road and made fun of me harassed me on my skin colour and my weight. This group of people are making our society very dirty.I think I am not the only person who has suffer this. Sir I request you to lodged an FIR and look into this matter.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Name of the Victim

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