Telangana SCERT Class 8 Social Studies Solution Chapter-16 (Abolition of Zamindari System)

Telangana SCERT Solution Class VIII (8) Social Studies Chapter-16 (Abolition of Zamindari System).



1) When laws are passed in the Assembly, there is much discussion on it from different points of view. What would have been the different points of view regarding the Land Reform Act in 1950s? Which point of view would have been stronger?


The Different points of view were as follow:

  • Zamindari system should be abolished.
  • All forms of forced labour like begar and vetti should be abolished.
  • All land owners were to pay taxes directly to the government.
  • Land should be given to the poor for cultivation.
  • Tenants should be the owners of their land
  • Large tracts of waste land should be redistributed to the poor.

The strongest point of view would have been put an end to the rural poverty


2) What would have been the points of view in 1970s when the Land Ceiling Acts were passed?


The points of view were as follow:

  • The Zamindari abolition did not solve the problem of land distribution.
  • The peasants were owner of only small land still the landlord &Zamindari had large land holdings.
  • Many Daliths are landless.
  • Only the Zamindars&landlords were getting richer the rural paper were still exploited by this people.


3) Do you think the peasant women gained from these reforms in any way? Give your reasons.


Yes the peasant woman gained from this reform which are as follow :

  • Big Peasant who hadsurplus landstransferred it to their women.
  • This let to Woman empowerment in rural areas.
  • Woman owned their own land.
  • Woman could work in their own field.


4) Is vetti prevalent still in your region? If it is there, prepare a report?


No vetti doesn’t exist in my region.


5) Imagine that you are a tenant who got ownership over land when the Land Reform Act was implemented. Write down your feelings.


During the last few years my family couldn’t afford to eat three meals a day somedays we had to sleep empty stomach and the zamindars and the landlord showed no mercy but today I received my own land under the act. I feel like finally I am free and independent & and can feed my family 3 meals a day. Thank you for giving me and my family a better future.


6) Imagine that you are a landlord at the time of the Land Reform Act. Describe your feelings and actions at that time.


God save me why I am losing my lands slowly before my house was filled with bags of grains, wealth, servants and vetti people but now I losing everything. I need to play some tricks to save my land by transferring it to my woman, my servants, my relatives and by not declaring the real land holding I have.


7) Many people feel that the land reform actually harmed a large number of tenants-at- will. Do you agree with this view? Give reasons.


Yes the land reform actually harmed a large number of tenants-at- will because

  • Some tenants had to pay the price fixed by the government and owned their land.
  • Thousands of poor peasants could not pay the price or did not have legal recognition as tenants.
  • Zamindars retained control over their lands and declared their tenants to be labourers.
  • Zamindars also removed a large number of tenants to take over their lands for self-cultivation.
  • It gave more opportunities to exploitation of the tenants.


8) Though the governments made effective laws, why has the land Ceiling Act not been implemented effectively?


The Act could not be implemented properly due to machinations of the landlords(landlords gave false declarations to the officers and did not reveal the real size of their excess land  and transferred it to their woman, servants, relatives )and also lack of sufficient political determination on the part of the government.


9) Locate Pochampally village in Nalgonda district in Telangana map.


Need to be done by student.


10) Read the first paragraph under the heading ‘Rural Poverty at the time of Independence’ and answer the following: Have the conditions improved now? In what way?


Yes the condition have improved now because the peasant have gained higher values in our country as they are the people who provide food for every Indians & the labours have proper fee structure so that no one can exploit them. The rural sector have been provided special focus by the government in order to improve their lifestyle. They have equal rights and opportunities. Special scheme to improve Education, agricultural, finance  of this rural people.

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