Composition of soil

  • Soil composition :

The soil is a storehouse for all the elements that plants need to grow. It also provides support for plant roots .Soil nourish the plants.

But did u all think , how plants get nourished by soil? How soil formed ? The soil contain some elements which make it able to feed plants. The soil is made up of components i.e minerals material ,organic matter ,water and air .

a) Minerals material :

There are 45% of minerals material is present in soil .It is the very important substitute which is present in soil. Most common minerals found in soil i.e iron, pottasium , calcium, sulphur, etc .The high amount of minerals containing soil is good for agriculture

b) Organic matter :

There are 5% of organic matter present in the soil .The main organic matter is humus which is made up of plant residue and animal remain .The organic matter is rich in nitrogen , sulphur and phosphorus .For gardening the organic matter rich is preferable .

c) Air :

There are 25% of air present in the soil .The soil pores are filled with air .The soil contain gases like nitrogen , oxygen and carbon dioxide .The air present in the soil help plants in respiration .

d) Water :

There are 25% of water present in the soil. The pores of soil contain water. The water present in soil is absorbed by plants to live .It is the main main component of soil and on the size of the soil particle depends the water holding capacity.

  • Question based on topic :

1) Explain the composition of soil .

2) How many percents of minerals material is present in the soil ?

3) Give an information about air and water components present in soil .

4) What is the organic matter present in soil ?

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