Sankardev School Assam Class 8 English Lesson 8 Risks Solution

Sankardev School Assam Class 8 English Lesson 8 Risks Solution

Sankardev Sishu Niketan School Class 8 English Lesson 8 Risks all Question and Solution by Expert English Teacher. Students of class 8 will get all their textbook questions solution.

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B.) Comprehension

Answer the following questions.

1.) According to the poem, what does one risk in laughing or weeping?

Answer: According to the poem, one risks appearing the fool by laughing and one risks appearing sentiments while weeping.

2.) Placing ideas or dreams before a crowd brings about what risk?

Answer: The risk of being called naïve is what brings about when one places ideas or dreams before a crowd.

3.) Hoping and trying entail what risk?

Answer: Hoping brings risk of despair and trying brings risk of failure.

4.) What is the greatest hazard in life?

Answer: The greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.

5.) Describe the consequences of not taking a risk.

Answer: One who doesn’t risk anything in life does nothing in life. He becomes nothing. They feel no change in life. They cannot grow, love and live their life.

  1. Which person is said to be truly free?

Answer: A person who risks is said to be truly free.

7.) Why risks must be taken?

Answer: To have change in life, one must take risks. To live, grow, love one must take risks.

Fill in the blanks using the prepositions below.

1.) The Post Office is directly behind my house.

2.) You can switch TV channels to this programme.

3.) We need to go through a dark tunnel to reach the station.

4.) Do not leave without having dinner.

5.) Climb over the fence and find the lost ball the among hedges.

6.) Rita takes after her mother. She has a lovely voice.

7.) Above the cupboard is a huge cobweb.

8.) I am searching for a nice shady spot to rest.

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