Sankardev School Assam Class 8 English Lesson 9 Letters from a Father to his Daughter Solution

Sankardev School Assam Class 8 English Lesson 9 Letters from a Father to his Daughter Solution

Sankardev Sishu Niketan School Class 8 English Lesson 9 Letters from a Father to his Daughter all Question and Solution by Expert English Teacher. Students of class 8 will get all their textbook questions solution.

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1.) Who were the Aryans and from where did they come to India?

Answer: The Aryans invaded the Dravidians.They came from the Central Asia.

2.) How can we find out more about the Aryans?

Answer: We find out more about the Aryans from old Sanskrit books. Also, we can get to know about them in epics like Vedas, Puranas, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.

3.) Write about the Vedas and how they were passed on to us.

Answer: Ved means knowledge. Vedas were not at first written. They were remembered and handed down through word of mouth from one generation to the next.

4.) How did cow-worship begin ?

Answer: Cows were useful in agriculture and gave milk which was valued very greatly. So

they specially cared for these animals and sang in their praises. Long after that, people began worshiping the cow as if that were any good, forgetting the true reason for its care.

5.) What does the word ‘Aryan’ mean? Describe the characteristics of the Aryans.

Answer: The very word ‘Arya’ meant a gentleman, a superior kind of person, and they loved freedomgreatly. To them, death was better than dishonour or slavery. They were skilled fighters who were also knowledgeable about agriculture and some science. They naturally attached a great value to agriculture and so they valued also everything that helped agriculture.

6.) What rules of life did the Aryans keep, which have developed into an unhealthy system today?

Answer: The Aryans were very proud of themselves and this is why they were afraid of getting mixed up with other inhabitants of India. In order to prevent Aryans from marrying others, they enacted regulations and laws to prevent this mix.This grew into what is now known as the caste system a long time later.And we can see this cruel caste system still existing today make it worse day by day.

7.) Convert form Indirect to Direct Speech

a.) The teacher asked Binoy if he had passed.

Answer: The teacher asked Binoy, “Have you passed?”

b.) We wished Jayanta good luck and good bye.

Answer: “Good luck and good bye”, we said to Jayanta.

c.) My mother said that the milk was warm.

Answer:My mother said, “The milk is warm.”

d.) Venice is a city of canals to be visited, suggested the travel guide.

Answer: The travel guide suggested, “Venice is a city of canals to be visited.”

e.) The instructor ordered us to march quickly.

Answer: The instructor said, “Quick march.”

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